Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Homemade Beef Pot Pie w/ Leftovers

Since we all are still having cold weather, oh yes even here in California I felt we all were in need of some good "Comfort Food". So I want to share with you a very easy Comfort Dinner that will please everyones taste even those finicky kids! All you need to get started is few simple ingredients. I always call on this recipe when I have left over beef or chicken. Take some potatoes peeled and diced, a bag of frozen mixed vegetables, gravy in the can or a packet made up,and a store bought pie crust for a bottom and a top. Thats it for your ingredients. Start by taking the bottom crust and laying it out in your ungreased pie pan, cook up your diced meat and add the gravy to it, while that is heating up bring your diced potatoes to a boil until soft (don't forget to add some salt to your water) and then rinse your frozen mixed vegetables. Add all the potatoes your mixed vegetables to your meat and gravy, add salt and pepper to your liking and then pour mixture into the prepared pie pan. Smooth out the mixture and then cover with the top pie crust. Now be sure to pinch the edges closed and give the top some vent holes, pop into your oven bake 350 degrees for 45min. And that is it take it out, let it cool a bit and it's ready to serve. Let me know how your family likes this one!

Hugs & Kisses,


Lori said...

Diane, that sounds SO good!!! thanks for sharing!!!

mary said...

Oh YUM, I love pot pie...with a big glass of milk to go with it!

Simply Unregiftable said...

Your "Main Course" Pie looked delicious....and so easy too.