Thursday, January 22, 2009

Found Treasures & Lost Art

Little Miniature Jewels I found In The Sea
These little Treasures Always bring warm
Memories with them. White sandy beaches and 
piles of Sea Shells.

Beautiful Images from Magazines of Past

Lately word around Blogland is surprise and dismay of 
disappointed Readers of some of our favorite Magazines 
that are coming to an end. Our Eye Candy we anticipate 
arriving each month in our Post Box. No Longer to be.
And to think in 1926 this large Magazine
Full of Beautiful Images cost a mere 10 cents
Advertising was just starting and the economy
of Publications was growing!

I was very Lucky to get Two Wonderful Vintage Magazines
from my dear friend Becky. I love sitting down a looking through the pages
The advertising back then was a work of Art!

These ads are from one of the Publications 
October 1926 "The Ladies Home Journal"
Amazing throughout the Entire 261 Pages

We will all miss Our Publications, and one day  Mary Engelbreit's
and Country Home will be favored just the way I am favoring this 
Lovely Ladies Home Journal Magazine

I hope you enjoyed the Vintage Images I have shared with you today, I promise to share more again sometime, I might just have to add some to one of the latest Image  CD's I am Working on Thanks for stopping by, It rocks my day when I see a visitors comment!   
 Hugs & Kisses


Lori said...

those old ads are wonderful...thanks for sharing:)

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Ohhh I love love your magazines! Wonderful photos.. xo Heather

Amy said...

Diane...thanks for the inspirational fix. Beautiful! I wish I could capture that era in illistrations....not my gift :(

I had heard about Mary E. but not Country living! Please say it isn't so...bu..mmmer.

Sounds like your pretty busy, too! Happy cd making..I bet it's beautiful!


Maria said...

What great images Diane!

Sweet Remembrance said...

Oh Diane...
How I love old ads!
Yours are fantastic for sure.
Give me a visit...I have an award for you!

Lori said...

Diane, get Valentines in your previous post, you creative dol you! I too, get excited when I find old womans magazines, the ads itself are always so lovely! beauties today, Lori


Hi Diane,
I a HUGE magazine junkie :)
I haven't heard about the magazine that are going under. Could you tell me which ones??!!Guess I better save the ones that I have. Just think, they will be collectables:)
Love your vintage ones.

Happy @/*-*\@ said...

Hi Diane - i love vintage mags, I have a whole lot to blog about shortly and I am soon to be the proud owner of a million London Illustrated News (well not quite a million!) but alot! I love the think in times when they never had photos and they drew everything! amazing!

I love your little shells too...i remember collecting those little ones on Bali beach years ago... they are so cute and perfect for jewellery making!

I love your blog chick...keep well - Love Happy x

snowflakesoneyelashes said...

I love the old magazines too, I have quite a few christmas ones from the 50's. I didnt know about ME magazine, but I did get the notice about Country Home...bummer!

Shab-n-Chic said...

LOVE those images! I can imagine a collection of those covers framed on a pretty! Your bottle of tiny seashells is quite charming.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your magazines! The internet is great but you can't beat sitting on the couch with a great new magazine, can you?? By the way, I just read through your old posts and I loved the posts about old hankies. I, too love, love, love vintage handkerchiefs. I've got so many I've started using them in my collages...

audrey said...

So that is why I can't find the ME magazine ~ I was hoping it wasn't a goner. )-:
Your vintage magazines are wonderful - nothing quite like things from the past. And I am so glad I came upon your Blog - love a lot of the same things as you - I'm a follower now and will be checking in often to see what you have found! What fun!!