Friday, January 9, 2009

A little Bit of Love

Working on Special Forget Me Nots
And Updating My Shop

I am usually leaving my Studio covered in Glitter and little streams of
fine threads of Hot Glue! My work surface is covered in crepe and trims.
I really love using Vintage Supplies in my Projects.
And this year I need to USE my supplies not Hoard the stuff!!

Since I have been collecting Vintage Valentines for sometime now I have decided to share my images. And my Dear Hubby scanned the Images each one with Great high quality resolution. I have added the CD in my Etsy Shop. I have priced it to sell and also kept the shipping cost low.

So I am busy making the packages of the CD a Bit Sweet, adding pink and red seam binding and a couple millinery flowers. And now it is ready to be a gift to yourself! Enjoy

Talk to you Soon, Hugs  Diane


Lori said...

Diane, i popped over to your etsy...that cd looks SO cute:) i know those will sell really well for you!!! what a great way to share your wealth of ephemera!!!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Great Blog!!

Lori said...

Love your clever idea for the sugar bowls! Yep, I'm kinda a guilty one for not useing my vintage pieces too! So enjoyed catching up today! I've a teeny favor could you pop over to my site?? Warmest wishes, Lori


Hi Diane,
Always LOVE your artwork:) Such sweet Valentines pockets.
Happy glittering:)

Angela Harris said...

Hey Diane!
I'm so thankful for the nice words today. Just got done with a couple hours of craziness with these kids but I remember being at your daughters stage and I had a harder time then, then I do now. It is SO hard the first time when they are young and your body is still recovering. i remember when I just had one little baby and thought I ccouldn't take a shower.
I love the way you decorated the cd. It is very nice to meet you. so good to have another blogging buddy.
Angela Harris

Pearl said...

Hi Diane... Your blog is simply beautiful... I'm enjoying everything! I ♥ your Vintage Valentine collection... went to your Etsy shop, lovely, and the CD had sold... Great for you!! I look forward to returning and hope you'll be able to stop by for a visit anytime... Do take care...


Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweets,
darling valentines stuff.
hope all is well


Susan S. said...

Great blog....I love all your Valentine's decorations! Also the use of vintage hankies in the post below was great!