Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is What I have been Working On!

This year I have decided not to be in any Valentine Swaps, so instead all the goodies I have collected and the Valentine Candy Box that I have altered will be for Sale in My Etsy Shop. This is a Treasure of wonderful Sweets to add to your Valentine Decorations and Loads of Goodies to Create a bunch of your own Creations!!

And this Vintage Grouping of Estate Finds are also going to be offered for Sale. I go out treasure hunting every week and wow, good stuff out there. I've been very lucky to live in Sunny California The Home of "YEAR ROUND SALES" so I am going to continue putting these little groupings together and offer them in MyFavoritefinds Shop.

Today is a VERY Special Day for us Our New President has taken office a Day of remembrance  History ladies and we are a part of it it brings tears to my eyes while I type this, tears of joy!! Better Days are ahead of us we have made a Difference already. The crowd today was such a cross section of People. I am a proud American (:


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Love your Valentine Goodie Box....absolutely the sweetest ever! I am heading right over to your shop to check out all your other treasures!
Stay Cozy, Carrie


Hi Diane,
I also LOVE your Valentine box. You have such great ideas and it looks so SWEET:)
Wish there were year round garage sales here...have to go to thrift stores and estate sales...
Your photos are great too. Also wish I could get a good camera. First I have to find a job..

Amy said...

Diane, you have a great eye for treasures....and I love your Valentines box...it brings back happy memories for me!

Joy said...

What cute things you have found and made! Love the Valentine box.