Friday, July 10, 2009


Busy Decorating Pink Christmas Trees
and Sorting through "New" Acquired
Vintage Images for projects I'm dreaming
up for a Show in August 

I've only decorated a few Trees so far
but when they get completed off to my
Etsy Shop they will go. 

And Now I am going to share with you
some of my "New" to me Vintage
Images for my Projects.

I am going to make some Art
collages for Children's Rooms
and I of course will be using my
Vintage Greeting Card Images.

If you see something you really take
a liking to, let me know and let's see
If I can do a custom order for you!

I just drool over these Darling Images
A Girl can NEVER have too much. Just like the 
Vintage scrapbooks, but these Images 
are not affixed in a Book , so no quilt here!

There were so many Wonderful Artist that worked 
for these Greeting Card Companies. 
In The 50's and 60's. Very
Similar to the Graphics in Old Childrens Books
"Kitty Cats In Clothes" What A Child's Dream

Well I am going to leave you with these last two
Images of PINK Birthday Cards. If you are in
the Mood for more Eye Candy pop on over to
My daughters Blog The PINK DOOR she is sharing 
her latest Thrift Store finds from the Utah Shops.
She re-located there just a month ago 
Tell her I sent you!
Have a Great Weekend and Happy Thrifting!



NicNacManiac said...

Your little bottle brush trees are darling. I know that you will do such wonderfully creative and fabulous things with all of those charming greeting cards!!
Have fun & a fantastic Pink Saturday!!
Hugs, Nerina :)

vivian said...

omg.. I can just imagine all the sweetness that will come out of all those wonderful vintage greeting cards!
have a great weekend!

Holly said...

Love all your cards, Diane! I just love the graphics from that era! ♥

Lori said...

you find the cutest images Diane...they are just so sweet...i love those trees too!!!

icandy... said...

Diane, these are precious! Don't you just love the old greetings...and those PINK sweet!

Christina :)

Holly Loves Art said...

What a LOVELY post! Of course I am a huge fan of all this vintage yummy-ness! There is just nothing like the art style of the bygone eras we love so much.

have a wonderful day!


Hi Diane,
LOVE your vintage cards and how fun to create something new!!!
Christmas...Already...!!! Love the pink Christmas trees. Today at an estate sale I did find some white reindeer...oops...guess I'm thinking Christmas too!
Deb :)

Denise said...

I am not ususally a "pink" girl, but I adore those pink trees! Love them!


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I just know your creations are going to be wonderful! Can't wait to see them?

Love, carrie

Home and land packages said...

wow!! I really love looking at these pink Christmas trees!!! Thanks for the post!!!