Friday, August 14, 2009


These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things

Today I passed on any Estate and or Yard Sales
and decided to get my housework done. And that
meant tackling my Girlie Girl fru - fru Room and my Studio.
So Thats when I came across some of my Favorites.

I just Love Paper Lanterns and I have a Basket Full
So I've decided now that my ceiling in my Studio
is done. Which means all pop corn removed nice
smooth ceiling. I am going to hang some right
over the Vintage Table I work on in my Studio.

When I started opening them I was in
such awe over the beautiful colors.
I immediately wanted to put them everywhere!

Once they were up it felt like a Party!

Well now that we are on the Subject of Party
I have a wonderful new Party Find to share.
In The late 70's I started collecting these darling
Joan Walsh plush dolls, and I had a pretty big
collection. Since then I have sized the lot down
and sold off some and kept a few favorites.

This little Party Girl is One I've kept.
I keep her tucked away in a Box to keep
her safe from dirt and Dust.
And I take her out at special times

So when I saw this wonderful Party
Centerpiece on Ebay I was in love!
It is just perfectly sweet. I wanted it
And It's Called "Happy Times"
Now How appropriate (;

I will have to assemble it so I promise
to share when it get it set-up.

This little Three Tiered Tid-bit Stand
sits in my Girlie Girl Room, It will be
out and up for sale soon until then I am
enjoying it! Hope you have a Wonderful weekend
I will be visiting an Estate Sale on Saturday so wish me Luck.



ittybittybirdy said...

Joan Walsh is so my love. I picked up two 1970s calendars at a flea market for my inspiration book and there was little images of what was for sale in the collection in the back. Such cute stuff! I hope to get a doll someday. So sweet!

icandy... said...

Such wonderful things!!! I have a couple of paper lanterns just like that! Happy Saturday!

Lori said...

i never heard of Joan Walsh, but your doll is very cute...i can't wait to see your centerpiece all assembled...i love all of your happy paper lanterns!!!

Elyse said...


i just GASPed quite literally over your joan walsh anglund doll! i have 2 from childhood and have always adored them!!! my older sisters were very into JWA so as the little sis, i was very into her, too. as a mom i have bought her cowboy and his friend books for my boys. adorable.

and ...

i love your lanterns! very sweet!

what took me so long to start following your blog?! glad i'm here now.




Hi Diane,
You were a good girl to clean...did you get to any sales today?!
I have a couple of her books and just love the pictures. Your little dolly is very sweet.
Happy Hunting!
Deb :)

Jenny said...

Diane, I loved those cute little people with no noses or mouths when I was growing up. I bought one of her books at the DC Big Flea two weeks ago for my daughter-I think it was "A Friend Is Someone Who Likes You." So while those are collectible now, they still appeal to the young generation!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I want some lanterns...I have them on my wish list! Yours are wonderful! Love the sweet little dolls. I will google them...I wonder if they are still available! They are precious! You always have such fun posts!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your paper lanterns are so pretty. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

Holly said...

Love your paper lanterns, Diane! I saw the colorful basketful on my follow list last night but I couldn't connect to see WHAT they were! I was so glad to be able to get on this morning! ♥

creative breathing said...

Diane, Your latterns are so lovely. E

Lori said...

Hi Diane
I never knew she made dolls! I have that exact table centerpiece! I used her for my daughters third birthday in 1982.I had matching plates, napkins and even crepe paper! Invites too! It's funny how many of those Hallmark centerpieces I still have tucked away! Soon, Lori

What makes you happy? said...

Oh I love those chinese lanterns they are so pretty.

Joy for the Journey said...

Oh my goodness - I HAD a doll like that! (Your party girl) And I loved her!! You've inspird me to dig through the attic (lol)! How intereesting that you stayed HOME and found treasures, huh?
Sarah :)

twinkleshabbystar said...

Omigosh!!! I use to have one of those dolls growing up!!! I never knew their name. Too funny! When I saw the photo I was like "Hey...I use to have one of those dolls!" hee! hee!
The festive paper lanterns are FAB!!! Xo,Jenn