Sunday, January 24, 2010


I have Been picking up Silver Plate and Silver
Vintage pieces here and there and everywhere!
I thought I would play today in bloglands
Silver Sunday

This grouping I am offering for Sale Today
It will be added to my Shop Sunday Afternoon.
If you are interested just let me know, and I will
reserve it for you!

This is such an unusual Tid-bit Tray
Check out how it folds up! At first
I wasn't sure what it was.

I don't usually Polish Silver things when I find
them I like the contrast of the patina look
with my collections.

I have also gathered together a grouping
of Silver Buttons, most are vintage these
to will be in my Shop

It sure is amazing just how much Silver patterns
were advertised in all the Woman's Magazines
It was just a must with every Bride. And when
company was coming the day before was spent
polishing every piece. This Ad dates 1926

I hope you have enjoyed my bit of sharing, believe me when I tell you I have
a lot more pieces to part with. I have a box full in the Attic. The original
reason for collecting it was for a family Wedding. At first the
Plans were for a backyard Wedding with a French Theme, so I started to
gather silver serving pieces for the Occasion. Well plans changed along
the way, and Wedding reception was in a Beautiful Vintage Hotel
It's a Good Happy Ending.... But I now have to find a home
for this collection.



Valarie said...

Diane, this silver is absolutely beautiful. Have a wonderful Sunday.
xxoo Valarie

Beth Gales said...

I have always loved silver, and these pieces are great. I really am loving the buttons, too! :)

LiLi M. said...

What a cute tray, never seen something like it before! Happy Silver Sunday!

Jane said...

Beautiful collection of'll have no problem selling it. The same for the buttons, there are a lot of unique ones in the grouping. In fact, I think I'll go check out your etsy store.


Hi Diane,
Can't go wrong with silver. The 3-tier tray is my favorite.
No sales this weekend. Visited some antique stores for fun.
Deb :)

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You picked up some beautiful pieces Diane. I agree with Jane, you'll have no trouble selling it. I loved your previous post about your inspiration folder. I do that too. Only I've never come up with such a wonderful name. I'm going to use that the next time someone in my family asks me why I'm tearing up the magazines :-)

Amy said...

Some pretty silver pieces for sure. I only have a few pieces and I use them for display only. Polish them up maybe twice a year. Nice buttons!!

The Pink Door said...

Good Silver Sunday collection! Way to go mom, love it...kisses!!


Lori said...

gorgeous silver collection Diane...the fold up tray is the cutest thing!!!