Friday, March 19, 2010

A Little Bit Of Spring Eye Candy

I 've been Busy Showing Property
This week and Whew these
Little Old Grannies (my Clients)
Are really making be work hard!
And keeping fingers crossed that
By Sunday we will have an Escrow
To Open!

I thought I would take few minutes to
share with you the Spring Projects
That have been in and out of my

A Pink Bottle Brush Tree
Some Vintage Easter Baskets

And a few sets of Easter Cupcake
Toppers that I have been selling in my Shop
I love these Vintage Images.

I hope you have had a great Week
I plan to take some time this weekend
In My Studio. I have a few swaps to finish up.
So I 'll share some more
Springtime Goodies.

Until Then Hugs,


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Oh Diane, your cupcake topper images are perfectly adorable!

Hope those grannies leave you energy for more creating! ♥

beth gales said...

Hope things go well with the customers and wow--you have some neat stuff for Easter! These pictures are putting me in the mood for Spring!

sissie said...

Hi Diane,
I know what you mean about the undecided senior market for homes.
We had the same couple come back to look at our house four times already and still haven't made an offer!
I love all your sweet, vintage Easter goodies. Those little baskets are darlin. I can just see a sweet little girl all dressed up carrying one of those.
How darlin.


Margie said...

I love and want these Easter Cupcake Toppers but I did not see them in your etsy store. Should I look some place else? They're adorable! ~ Margie

Shelley said...

Love your sweet creations...they are all just adorable...have a blessed weekend...happy huntings for more

Jane said...

Hope the house goes into escrow!
Very cute Easter the pink bottle brush tree.

Elyse said...

giggle-inspiring cute. that's how cute!

good luck with the grannies and happy weekend!



Hi Diane, sweet and the cupcake toppers are so darling!
Hope they write an offer too!
Happy Weekend.
Deb :)

The Pink Door said...

Get those grannies in a home!!

Sewn With Grace said...

Very fun! I just love vintage Easter items, well any vintage items really. So, so pretty. Have a great weekend!

Embellished Bayou said...

Gorgeous items, thanks for sharing!

Gracefully Vintage said...

Ok Love your Blog even more.. LOVE those Trees so cute-remind of the vintage christmas ones.. Thanks for stopping by my little new blog,and your sis too..Just Love It...Is Newbury Park near NewBerry Park or all of these years have i been spelling it wrong. A lot of my family lives down there in what i thought was Newberry Park -near Camarillo-Semi valley?

My older bro, sis and their families, anunts-uncles and so on.. SUch a Small WOrld.. Thanks again, you made my night..Thanks for following.