Monday, October 18, 2010

Vintage Plush Orphans

This Post Is all about the Sweet Plush
Orphan Vintage Plush Bunnies
I picked up this weekend!

I know we are all thinking Halloween and Fall
but girls don't we all have a soft spot 
for Plush Bunnies?
And Vintage no less....
I had to capture this photo opt
before they get sold to
their new adopted homes

When I returned to an Estate Sale for 1/2
price Sunday I picked up the two white
bunnies, the one standing is made with
real rabbit fur!
Now the small Pink Bunny 
was an E-bay find
and the yellow a Garage Sale Find
But I just love how sweet they all 
look grouped together!

And then the Black Sheep of the lot
A Black Plush Bunny....
He too was one of the Sunday buys.
You know I just never ever remember
seeing a Black Bunny in any child's
Easter Basket, but there he was
and priced the cheapest....

He's got these big floppy ears and beautiful
pink eyes and a pink pom pom nose
I just couldn't leave him behind
So in my basket he went...
Of course I came home with other
treasures and I'll be sure to share
but for this Monday
I figured it's all about
Bunny love, hope you enjoyed! 



Angela said...

Don't tell anyone, but I prefer sweet pastel bunnies over spooky Halloween creatures any day!!

Sandy at Teacup Lane said...

I love your bunnies! I enjoy BUNNY LOVE! The white ones are lovely and I even like the black one too. Your blog is so pretty.

Linda Ruthie said...

Those bunnies are cute for any season.

Home and Heart said...

They have such a sweet nostalgia about them, that you really notice when they are grouped together!! So cute!

Shelley said...

My heart goes pitter patter when I see these kind of sweet old plush cute...thanks for sharing...blessings

Creative Breathing said...

If I didn't visit you Diane, I would know what to love next! I will never look at a worn bunny in the same way again! Too cute! E

Libbie said...

Way cute bunnies! I am not even a big plush fan as my kids are cumulating too many but I sure think these are sweet! I love them all grouped together like that!

stefanie said...

oooooh, they are the cutest ever, I have bunnies up all year!!!

birdie blue said...

love the bunnies. even the little black one...they all remind me of the book, 'the velveteen rabbit'.

have a wonderful day.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

My goodness...those sweet little bunnies were just multiplying...they are so darling!