Sunday, July 31, 2011

I have a Love for Vintage Paper Dolls

I don't know about you but
when I was young my
sisters and I just loved playing
with Paper Dolls...

We would play for Hours...
My sisters and I would 
wait in anticipation for our 
Mother's McCalls Magazine to
arrive in the mail each month only
to unveil the Newest Paper Doll

Now of course being one of 7 children
and the first 4 being girls
it meant we had to share...

yes, our Mom set up some kind of
rotation system~

Each month it would be a 
different girls turn

Which also meant that girl got
to be the exclusive one to cut
the paper doll out!

As time went by the two older sisters
tired of the dolls and had no interest.
So that left two of us, we kept our
stash of magazine paper thin
dolls in an old tissue box
and we treasured those Dolls
for years...

Not sure what became of that box
and our collection of paper dolls
but they have always had a sweet 
spot in my childhood memories.
How about you did you like
paper dolls?


Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

Love your post Diane, Yes I would wait for the McCalls Magazine my self as a child, we lived on a farm with my Grams when I was young for a few years when my Dad was out of work and it was the only toy thingy that I had to play with besides the outdoors. Even at my age now I can cut paper with great accuracy with all that practice I had! :) You did trigger a fond memory! Hugs Marilou

Kaisievic said...

Oh, Diane, that brings back such memories! I used to love playing with paper dolls, too, as a child. However, we used to get them in cardboard, in a booklet format and we would cut them out very carefully. What a gorgeous post and I love Betsy McCall. love Kaye xoxox

ImagiMeri said...

My older sister used to work in a fabric store and get all the old, cast-off pattern books. I would cut out any lady that appealed to me and then draw and color my own clothes for her. I never got an actual set of paper dolls, which is why I probably think they are amazing these days.......especially vintage ones.


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

My Grandmother took McCall's and I could hardly wait every month to get my Betsy paper dolls! Yes, I loved my paper dolls....and I still have all mine! They are all used but the folders are cool, from Petticoat Junction, Green Acres, etc.

Sherri B. said...

I also waited for the next McCalls magazine to arrive and saved the Betsy's, I can't remember how though. Such fond memories, thanks for sharing.

Antiques Galore Gal said...

Nice post! I would walk to the dime store as a child and buy paper dolls, I loved them. My girls had no interest in them though, I guess the world is different now. Thanks for the memories.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

My grandmother used to always let me have the page from her magazine! I still love paper dolls! I bought a book of them a couple of days ago! I may play with them today! lol ♥

GardenofDaisies said...

Diane, your dolls are wonderful! I LOVED playing with paperdolls when I was a girl. My daughter did too. Between us we assembled a fun little collection and I still add to it from time to time. When you have a few extra minutes, visit my paperdoll page. (under my header)

Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Diane~
Paper dolls were one of my very favorite things to play with growing up. I was lucky that my only sister is 8 years older than me so I never had to share Betsy with anyone. My sister, in fact, named me for a paper doll and I have spent years looking for the set on Ebay. All I know is that it was a set of "teen-age" dolls and one of them was named Joyce and it was her favorite because she had the most clothes. Wouldn't it be fun if I found that set? Have a great week Diane and thnaks for the memory.

debi said...

I too have sweet memories of paper dolls, the hours my two sister's and I would entertain our selves with them...and .....then came Barbie. The woman with the unrealistic body ruined it for the treasured paper doll. :-) I often wonder what happened to my box of Barbie stuff???

Enjoyed your post!


Angela said...

I loved paperdolls and had all the McCalls' dolls for myself, since I only have a brother. I had a huge box of all kinds of paperdolls...wish I remembered where they went.

Ann said...

We too got the McCalls magazine and would cut them out. My favorite memory was at Grandma Jewells house, she had an old pedal sewing machine and we made our paper doll house under it. We also cut of pic in old Sears catalogues.
Thanks for the memory

My Vintage Mending said...

I used to play with these on long trips in the back of the car. Not having to wear a seat belt back then gave me lots of room to spread their closet out! Delicate little tabs to tuck behind the doll! All of it was just so much fun...smiles...Renee

Margaret said...

I love paper dolls. My older sister had Liddle Kiddle paper dolls and she used to let me use them. I also had Magic Mary Jane and Magic Mary Lou. They had a tiny little magnet in their dress and it stuck to the paper doll. I remember getting them when I was 4 in 1969 from my Grandma in a now defunct store called Bradlees! Oh the memories!!!! I had Holly Hobbie paper dolls in the 70's too!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I loved playing paper dolls together...remember the "Dozen Cousins"? Is that what they were called? We would go swimming all day at the VNSO Pool and then come home and play for the rest of the afternoon...that or barbies!

pollydove said...

Oh I sooooo loved paper dolls!!! And when McCall's patterns came out with those darling illustrations I would cut those out too! What fun!

Carly said...

How sweet,I too love vintage paper dolls! Thanks for sharing!
Carly ;)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh you know I love paper dolls, I frame and sell them in my shop. They just remind me of a great carefree childhood!


JunkStuffTreasures said...

I remember Betsy McCall paper dolls- so much fun waiting for the newest. My absolute favorite paper dolls were my Petticoat Junction paper dolls. Did anyone else have those?

Karan said...

I loved paper dolls as a chilkd. Spent hours with them. Sort of was in my oown little world then.

I was lucky as I had twins, both mom and grandma took McCals so I had twins. LOL Lots of them.

A couple years back I found sone wonderful sites to print paper dolls off ( McCalls included) and printed of several for the youngest granddaughters. They loved them.


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Oh thanks for showing these! What cute little clothes these girls had!

I made my own paper dolls when I was a girl! My, did I love that! I did the flash light under the covers thing while I obsessed away! I couldn't draw so I copied the "master" teen girl from a magazine and made a bunch of them with different hair colors and styles and then made a zillion dresses for them in all different colors and patterns plus hats, boots, sunglasses, belts, etc! What fun!

I finally let the grand girls play with my vintage twin baby paper dolls. I kept meaning to preserve them first some how but never got around to it. I didn't want to be like the lady who never used her good china so I let them play away! They love them. :)

Kaisievic said...

Hi Diane,
Thanks for joining my blog.

I know, we all understand about the different hemispheres having different seasons but it still seems strange, doesn't it? I am amazed by all the bloggers talking about the heatwave in U.S. at the moment.
This week in Melbourne, however, we are having a burst of spring with temps at 22 degrees - just bliss. Stormy, cold weather forecasted for next week, though.
cheers, Kaye xoxo

marilynl said...

I remember Betsy McCall paper dolls also! I spent a lot of time as a child cutting out and playing with paper dolls. My daughters loved them too. I guess I need to get my granddaughters hooked on them!