Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vintage Inspired Spun Cotton

A Little Spun Cotton Creation

Little Patriotic Gal I made last night
using all the goodies in my stash

This One Sold~

But I had enough supplies
to make another!

Theres a gal on Etsy 
That makes so many 
wonderful and whimsical little creations 
using spun cotton heads
and she's having a 20% off sale

She also sells some darling vintage supplies
Enjoy her Shop~


Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

She's so cute in her patriotic red, white & blue! You find such clever ways to use all the odds and ends you collect!

Sandy said...

I went over and saw her shop, so many cute things....yours is just adorable, you did a great job!!!! Love the ephemera you used! :)

A Vintage Chic said...

So adorable, Diane! Patriotically fabulous, my friend!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend...


jan campbell said...

I am sorry to say, Diane, but I feel your spun head girls are a poor imitation of the ones I have seen on MagpieEthel's site. Even to your use of the Bingo cards.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Darling little gals....I have seen these sweet creations made by many different craft bloggers over the years....after all the spun head dolls are vintage and come from the crafters of bygone days. I see no need to compare yours to any other artesian...since each one has their own style and flair. I am certain that the blogger mentioned in the previous comment was not the first to make these sweet creations as they can be seen all over the blogging community. In the blogging world ideas are shared with the world! Crafts, ideas, patterns and tutorials are shared each day. I am sorry that someone felt the need to critique your crafting ability in such a negative way. Your etsy shoppe has such wonderful and unique items for sale. You are a talented artist....keep your special creations coming! Crafting is not a contest but a joyful expression of one's heart! Hugs!

Shirley Hatfield said...

I had to see what that snarky person wrote. Why would someone take the time to diminish the joy another has in creating? I could feel my own heart hurt. Sharing your fun creations with us has given me a lot of pleasure. I admit to making a few of the chenille Easter Bunnies to add to my own collection...they weren't as cute as yours, but it was so fun to try. Thank you for making the blogging world a brighter, friendlier place.

Gmama Jane said...

As a retired teacher may I share with you a popular saying among teachers as we scrounge for classroom ideas: C.A.S.E the joint. Which means (tongue and cheek of course) Copy And Steal Everything! Teachers are the best CASE ers in the world!! There are no new ideas under the sun only old ideas recycled!!! I'm sure the site that "Debbie Downer" compared your crafts to would be mortified to think she had been used in such a mean spirited way.
Let it be like water off a duck's back!!
Gmama Jane
I read your blog a lot but have not commented very much til now!! That comment got this southern grandmama's panties all in a wad as we say here in the south!! I love your crafts!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Shame on you Jan Campbell!!!! Apparently you have ugliness in your life and feel the need to spread it around....and that's usually what it is Diane, someone that is unhappy and truly loves to make others unhappy as well.

After blogging for over five years now, I've seen it all. I've had my fair share of ugly comments as just have to brush them off and feel sorry for the person that left it. Just remember all the goodness that's out there. We've all made so many precious friends here that truly care and appreciate your creations.

As for copying...I feel very strongly about this, if someone doesn't want to have someone else create something similar to what they've made, don't put your stuff on the internet! We are here to inspire one another and I actually encourage others to make what I make...but to blantantly tell someone that their creation is not as good a so-and-so's in just plain MEAN.

You crossed the line Pam Campbell, keep your snarky, mean comments to yourself.

Sending you hugs and love Diane
keep on creatin'!!

Tammy Wright said...

Jan Campbell, why in the world would you make the effort to be ugly? We have creative blogs so that we can lift up and inspire people that we consider friends, even if we have never met them in person. If critiqing is your thing, you are on the wrong blog. Please move on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane,
I am so sorry to see that the person known as Jan Campbell took the time to leave such an ugly comment. I have always enjoyed looking at your wonderful crafts and have purchased a few. Still waiting for you to make a patriotic theme pocket posey!! I am addicted to red, white, and blue, patriotic, and Americana everything. I am loving your new creations.
Please do not let this person steal your joy!
Big hugs,

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

I sure hope that you're feeling just the OPPOSITE that this "Jan Campbell" wanted you to feel. Her comment backfired! I hope you feel all the love and friendship that surrounds you. Your blogger friends are here because of your extreme UNIQUE talent, and kindness. Don't give this nutty lady another minute of your time! Just keep creating! :)

Tresa said...

To me, one purpose of showing your creations is for others to learn and be inspired. I would feel honored if someone was inspired enough to make their own version of my creation (not that I expect that to ever happen--ha ha!). Keep doing what you do---you do it fabulously well!

kat O'Brien said...

You have a lovely site, full of amazing photos. Your site is truly inspiring and uplifting! Kathy

kat O'Brien said...

You have a beautiful, inspiring site. Makes me want to dive right in and start creating!

Michelle Evans said...

Hi Diane,
You were my first purchase on Etsy and are still my favorite, I cherish everything I have ever gotten from you!! Keep the wonderful things coming!!!
Michelle in Manteo

Ampligen Patient with CFS said...

Don't take negative comments to heart. This has nothing to do with you and everything to do with her own problems. I love your crafts! I am a designer and learned long ago that designing does not have to mean reinventing the wheel.