Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Over The Top Celebrity Style Christmas

Now This House is What you and I might Call "OVER THE TOP" My hubby and I went to the annual Christmas Party there on Saturday Evening. I had to snap a few pictures to share with you guys. While there our friends told us that right after New Years (of course there is another party New Years Eve) a Studio is taking over the house for 6 weeks. They have set them up in another home and the Studio will be filming the Bachelor Reality Show. So on top of getting paid a very sweet amount of money for the use of the house they will also be relocated to another home all bills paid. You know I will have to post more pictures for you all so you can compare them to the T.V. Show. You will not believe the indoor pool, it is just outrageous! And then we come Home, I think the kitchen is almost the size of my whole house. I hope you enjoy the glimpse into The Celebrity House Christmas.


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