Sunday, March 16, 2008

Meet My Blog Mascot Cathy Party Girl

Everybody this is Cathy, 
Cathy this is Everybody

Party Girl Cathy is My New Blog Mascot

She will Entertain us from time to time!

Saturday Garage Sale Find

Beautiful Hand Work on these Pillowcases

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, mine was very busy. If you've read my profile you already know I am a realtor, and this weekend I was showing buyers some homes. It really is a lot of work prior to the actual day because I have to look for homes that match their wants and fit their price range and so on. But Sunday morning before work I was able to finish a few new Posy Pockets and get some pictures of my new "Mascot" Party Cathy for my blog. Party Cathy is a Dolly Darling from the 60's my sister and I had a few of these little charmers and played with them a lot. They came in a little heart shape carrying case with a clear lid and each one came with a few accessories. Hours of fun with our dolls. Over the past 6 months or so I took notice of this rage with the Blythe dolls and how cherished they have become, and too expensive for my liking, but I thought it was sweet how at times the doll would be included in some kind of adventure, well there in lies my idea. Miss Party Cathy will have a little feature spot from time to time on my blog, sorta like the wheres Waldo deal. And I know how much you ladies love contest and PRIZES. Every couple of weeks I will have a picture of something somewhere and ask you to find "Party Cathy" and the first one to spot her and e-mail me will WIN. Sounds like fun?

I also wanted to show you these beautiful pillowcases I discovered at a local Garage Sale Saturday morning, nice find! I will post pictures of my new Pockets soon. Have a Great Monday. And remember don't work too hard work smart (:
Hugs, Diane 


periwinkle vintage said...

I remember those little dolls and their little plastic cases. I will be watching for Cathy to make her appearances here and there!

Mama Brook said...

Cathy is so cute!
I will definitely add you blog to my links! Keep on thrifting!
Brook <3

Lori said...

Diane, i love your "where's party cathy" idea:) how fun!!!
gorgeous linen score!!!

Flea Market Queen said...

I love Cathy Party Doll!
How fun...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think I need a blog mascot too. Love the pillowcases.

LeAnn :)

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Diane! I love the doll! So CUTE! And what can be better than a doll that comes in a heart shaped case!! I love dolls and have quite a few myself. My mom collects dolls and has found almost every doll she had as a child! It is a beautiful collection.

Oh I cant wait until we have garagesales around here again! You found some wonderful pretties!


A Thing for Roses said...

Just found you through your flickr pics. Cute stuff. Come by and visit me on my blog if you have the time.


Simply Unregiftable said...

Cathy is sooo cute...and mod too. Yes indeed I remember us playing with those dollies...seems like yesterday! Love you and Happy Easter! Your sister, Carrie

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pillow cases!!!! I am drooling over your bits and pieces box in the post below. Look at those lovely treastures!

Cottage Way of Life said...

Hello Cathy! :) Heheehe.
I always love looking at your great finds! So fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi Diane,

TAG YOU'RE IT. If you want to play along, please go to my blog.

LeAnn :)