Thursday, March 27, 2008


Today my Client came to the House to pick-up her order 
and I just couldn't decide which she would like 
so I left it up to her! She picked the Circus Bear in Red

This is a rather adorable grouping of Vintage wrapping paper I found
last weekend, I need to share and get some in my Shop

I was looking for supplies for my latest Bucket and found all these
beautiful ribbons already grouped together, I loved the way the Looked!

And these cute little cardboard boxes caught my eye at a sale, so today I
decided to see just how they look when you pop them open

You must agree they are just the cutest little gift boxes

And this beautiful Vintage Treasure was in a charming little
Thrift Shop hanging up with some funky aprons, but this
is a very great find at $2

This super chic Evening Wear apron was a definite eye catcher
These little treasures are becoming harder to find so when I
spotted it there it went in my pile of goods! And only $4

Even the back of this apron is to die for, you do notice
the scattered Sparkle of rhinestones on the netting!

Well ladies today I was very busy getting my orders packaged and shipped off to their new homes, and I also had some vintage dishes that I sold on E-bay to package and take to the Post. I try to save on my shipping supplies and I always head on over to the back of a big furniture store and stock up on my packing. Just a little tip ladies, and if you have a Hallmark Store near by they have the best packing boxes. Thursday night I usually check out the ads for any local Estate Sales and if it sounds good I map out my Friday route, and if nothing looks good there is always Saturday. Wishing you all a great Friday and Happy Hunting you Treasure Seekers!


Lori said...

Diane, you find the best things:) those boxes are amazing!!! love your little buckets too, they are so cute!!!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh I love those boxes!!!! You always find the best things! Love the apron :)


Cottage Way of Life said...

Love love love that apron!! It has an attitude of it's own!! So cool!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Diane, Thanks for the tip about Hallmark, I do have one close by. No treasure hunting for me today. We have a wedding to attend and low on fun money so.....have a wonderful weekend my friend.

LeAnn :)