Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This Beautiful Tree Topper Was Rescued
Last week at a Estate Garage Clean Out
I have a Wonderful Collection In My Attic
And I display them all together In a Large Bowl

This is One of My Handcrafted Christmas Nut Cups
They look darling hanging on a Christmas Tree

And this little grouping of Christmas Goodies was another Estate Found Treasure. I am always looking for Christmas and yes even in July. So I will be sharing more of my recent Christmas finds. I remember last year when I saw a lot of you blog gals participating in Christmas In July and at that time I new nothing about how to blog all I new was how to read all the Blogs! And here I am today being invited by Sadie Lou to participate in the "Christmas In July Group" I can tell you this is going to be loads of fun (:


Anonymous said...

What luck to find Christmas in July!! and VINTAGE Christmas to boot.

Lori said...

fun stuff Diane...you KNOW i love that nut cup!!!

Mermaid Queen said...

Love the vintage Christmas finds Diane. Thanks for stopping by my friend's blog.
Take care,

karin@creativechaos said...

Oh I love that vintage tree topper!! Beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping by! I've got you booked mark too! :)

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

These are beautiful Diane! I love the tree topper and the nut cup is so sweet!


Leann said...


I collect the tree toppers too! I have over 50 of them (all antique). I display them in glass candle holders of varying heights with white lights twined througout and fresh greens to cover the lights - gorgeous. I have enought to cover the top of our piano.

Anonymous said...

Yum yum I am not ready to think about snow! I have to dig out my stuff too!

I don't have a car ( guess I am auto-matically eco?) Ha! so I made a pink go cart today heehhhee!
Denise Mass.

Debbie said...

Love all your treasures! Especially your pretty little grandbaby!