Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Too Many Vintage Christmas Decorations

I have been busy bringing out
all the Vintage Collectibles

And once I have un-wrapped most
I really feel it is time to give some a new Home

I am picking and choosing just my Favorites
and photographing and listing the others
in my E-bay and Etsy Shops

Believe me each and everyone is oh so sweet
But just how much is enough....

And since all year long I find more.
I really need to lightened my 
load of Holiday Tubs that go
back into the attic this year..
Maybe it's that T.V. Show
you know the Hoarders
yikes it's scary .... LOL
I think my Tub count was 6
so lets hope I can get it down
to 3 wish me luck...
Have a great Week~


Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...

They are al soooooooooooooo cute! I don't know if I could part with any of them - LOL
Great collection!

A Vintage Chic said...

They're all so adorable, Diane--I don't know that I could part with any of them! I have WAY too much, too, though!

Hope you're having a beautiful day!


Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

They are all too cute!!! I couldn't pick which to let go! Good luck!!! Happy Holidays!


Hi Diane,
I took a peek at your ebay and the little girl with dark hair is so sweet! Can I just buy it thru you???
deb :)

Angela said...

They are wonderful...every last one of them...and bite your tongue...none of us are hoarders!! We just have LARGE collections!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love my little collection of vintage Christmas things BEST of ALL! You have so many pretty things! Love all of the pretty little girls dressed for Christmas! ♥

Heidi Ann said...

Six tubs - oh, my goodness - I don't dare even tell you how many I have!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Good Luck deciding which ones to part with! So vintagy cute!

Miss Rhea said...

Oh, be still my heart !! I love that last pair of girls. Are they for sale too ? I did a post on my BEAUTIFUL crown that Breezy made me along with all of the goodies. I emailed her as her package arrived a few days ago, and I wanted to make sure no one snagged it living in an apt. I hope she loves it and got it ok !! I am SO happy that she is close by and the two of you can craft and have baby time together :) Hugs :)

Pieceful Bits said...

I would have a hard time parting with any of them...but you do find treasures all year long:) Good luck on your downsizing! Happy Holidays sweet girl.

Thespa McLaughlin said...

I'm sorry I don't get it. You can never have enough vintage Christmas goodies. You just can't! LOL. Happy Christmas to you!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Dianne,

The little figurines are darling. I have a few also. I have many more tubs than 6, as I like the vintage, and cottage Christmas. You know the pretty stuff that is all pink, white and cream. I need 2 houses to decorate.


Sewn With Grace said...

I know what you mean, I thought I would never stop bringing things up out of storage. It's so hard to decide what to part with though. I might have to visit your stores inspite of it all! :)

LBP said...

I love those vintage Christmas pieces too! You have such a great selection of sweetness!



Creative Breathing said...

Oh my gosh Diane, a lightening of your tubs is a super day for everyone else! Your collection is simply amazing! Thank you so much for all you share! Elizabeth

Sandy Michelle said...

I just love your retro items! Especially the NOEL figurines! I hear you on the Hoarders show. I always go on an organizing spree after waitching that show..lol.

Sandy xox