Sunday, June 10, 2012

Special Blogging Friendships~

The World of Bloggers....
I must say over the years it has sure grown
So many of the same women
and so many newcomers each week...

Some of my very first bloggers I followed
still post on a regular basis others have moved on...

And then there is this numbers game...
Just how many followers can you get?
Oh and the advertising popping up on
sidebars everywhere...

And yes each time you click on
one of those links that blogger gets
paid from goggle....

It has been a very unusual way for
women to communicate & connect

Some of us meet one another in person
and really bond and make a true friendship...
I've had the pleasure to meet a few...

Sharing a little bit of oneself...

I have shared a lot of my Crafts
over the years... on my Blog

And some of my ideas have been
used by others, maybe a bit tweaked
And I'm sure there have been ideas of others
that I have adapted into my own creations~

But I have never left a nasty comment
like the one that was left on
my Blogs last post...

That really surprised me, and also
made me realize the kind of social cliques
that come into play even in a
virtual world...

Our lives are full of real life experiences
Happy Times, and Tragedies

Not a virtual world where you don't
know what is real and 
what is make believe...

If I continue this Blog it will have to be

I want to build friendships



Sandy said...

I hear some real frustration here, I'm sorry....I guess I never thought about some of the things you mention here, I just am who I am.....I have always enjoyed you stopping by and supporting me through my tough times, which seem to happen more often now....
I don't know what the comment was, but suffice to say you do get those once in a while....I just delete them and go on....please don't leave, you are respected and your crafts are me if you want and we can talk...:) Hugs, Sandy

Terra said...

Hi Diane, your photos here are so cute, and I hope you do continue your blog. Sorry to hear you got a nasty comment.

Sherri B. said...

Well now, every time I see this kind of thing it makes the veins stick out on my neck!

First, I want to say that all of your treasures are lovely and almost every time I stop by, I am smiling by the time I leave. Many things remind me of my grandmother and the things that she bought and created too. Which brings me to.....

The NEWS BULLETIN that I have...Every thing we do in life and all things that we create came from some sort of inspiration. Just like recipes, we all make dishes from recipes we've seen or tasted and make them our own by 'making them ourselves' and putting our own touches on them.

Yesterday I saw another blog were someone was heartbroken because of insinuations like this. It is sad to see that we have people coming in to a sweet place like your blog and trying to put a bad light on it.

Please don't change anything, your blog is a delight. If we all were required to use ideas and products that have never ever been used before then we would have to grow our own cotton and spin and weave our own cloth...forget about the quilters our there who use vintage quilt pattern blocks and reproduction material...they wouldn't be doing that either.

I'm done now (taking a deep breath)
don't change a thing..we love you and the beautiful things 'you' create.

Big Hugs xxoo

stephanie said...

Please don't let one person prevent you from doing something you enjoy...

With that said, I agree that blogging is not the same environment that it used to be. But beneath the sidebar advertisements and all the issues that pinterest has brought to the table, there are still so many women in the blogging community that want to interact with each other while using manners, giving encouragment, and offering inspiration.

So, selfishly as one of your followers I hope you will keep posting!

GardenofDaisies said...

Oh no! Why in the world would she say that to you? I love your little creations! She is entitled to her opinion of course, but it was just plain bad manners to write that.

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

I really got a lot out of what you said and I am sorry someone was so negative. I love all these beautiful posts you inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Please keep posting!

Gmama Jane said...

Why is it that one negative comment can ruin all the lovely comments we get? Is is our desire to be liked by everyone? I don't know but I know how you feel. Such a shame there are those who enjoy sharing their cynicism and negativity. I am not going to allow those people to steal my joy. My daughter has a child with Cerebral Pasly. her blog keeps up with his progress, exploits, adventures, funny sayings, etc...and you would be amazed at the people who feel it is theri sworn duty to tell her how she is not raising James right, or not doing something the right way, or say mean things about a little 4 yr. old handicapped boy!!?? It is the kind of world we live void of empathy and good manners by a select few. However, it is my experience that MOST bloggers are kind decent people. it is those we need to cherish and push DELETE on the others as quickly as we can. They can only hurt us if we allow them to hurt us!! Please keep blogging!!
Gmama Jane

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hello FRIEND!!!
I have always LOVED your creations :)
We share what we LOVE and often times try to "copy" it ourselves...
Don't quite blogging...There are so many MORE good comments than ones that make us feel sad!

JunkStuffTreasures said...

Shame on that blogger! We ll know: if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything.

Keep with your lovely blog, and keep on creating to your heart's content!

Blessed Serendipity said...

I hope you continue your blog. I always love visiting you and would hope that you don't become discouraged from sharing your creative personality here. No one can really claim an idea as totally their own as we all are inspired from each other. I have read recently about this happening to another blogger. Oh dear, why can't we all just be nice to one another? It all goes back to saying "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". Love to you.


Anonymous said...

I get up every morning and I check your blog before anyone else. Like I tell my kids, be a duck and let it roll off your back. If she doesn't like what she sees on your blog then she shouldn't feel the need to visit anymore! Keep up the beautiful work you do!

Anonymous said...

don't stop because of her unpleasant attitude...your things are beautiful and I will continue visiting your blog and buying your beautiful creations-sonia

Sarah said...

My sweet friend, I have "known" you for many years now and while we have never met in person (one day I hope to) you have been nothing but kind, loving and encouraging. I like to think we have kindred hearts. I am sorry to read that you have a bad blogging experience. I know I have and I also have had people email me nasty emails or talk about me amongst their "clique" until it got back to me. I have learned to "let it go." Its easier said and done, but it is what has to be done in this age of cyber bullying and cyber meanies. Some people are just not happy and project their unhappiness onto other people.

You Diane are always a joy to read. Your pictures, are gorgeous. Your crafts are inspiring. I hope you continue to blog and share a piece of your life with us.


acorn hollow said...

I wonder what makes someone leave a nasty comment is it the thought we are faceless and can do what we would not do in person? If you do not like a blog or what they are doing why do you go there?
I enjoy your blog and do hope you continue

My Vintage Mending said...

Miss Diane you have always been such an inspiration to me. Your kindness overflows into your beautiful crafts. I can only imagine that one apple can spoil the bunch. Please know that your sweet friendship and genuine comments mean the world to me. I value all your posts and every piece of art I own of yours. You are a treasure. friend...those that make fun are lacking in what they make fun of.
Sincerely, Renee

Tami Kenner said...

Please don't let someone take the wind out of your sails with their rude comment. It is unfortunate that people find it necessary to be critical of others. Just delete the comment & don't let it take up any valuable real estate on your blog or in your head!

You are an amazing artist & an amazing blogger.
xo Tami

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Diane,

Sorry to hear about that nasty comment. I love your creations, and would just let that comment roll off your back. Your creations are adorable, and not "junky" like some. I have purchased your things, and love them. I too get a lot of joy visiting to see what you have created. I always come away happy and smiling. Keep up the good work.


Peace said...

I consider myself a crotchetty old broad, but what GALL or something that rhymes with GALLs it takes to spread little dirty puddles of doubt and sorrow like that! I always love to see what you've found or created even though I don't often comment. I'm a bit lurky due to shyness and awkward socially even in the virtual world, but I would never dream of calling someone out like that, especially someone with your talent and heart. What a maroon! what a TROLL!!! Ignore that crap!! <3 xo Peace

vivian said...

aww sweet pea... dont you even think about leaving blogland. we count on your sweet creative spirit out here.. I think we all take inspiration from each other. thats one of the things I love about blogging.. there is so much inspiration. Its sort of like the clothespin dolls.. Many people make them... there is a basic idea and then they are embellished individually... I wouldnt worry.. some people just feel the need to rain on someone elses parade.
and by the way, your dolls are sweet.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Diane, your creations and your pics are a delight! I've never had a mean comment on my blog but i know it would be hard for me if I did get one! (HUG)

barbara said...

I'm sorry this happened to you, Diane :( . Hope you can let it go and think of the hundreds and thousands of positive comments people have left you over the years.

donna said...

Diane you are so creative. I love your work. Please do not let someone ruin it for you just because they are having a bad day. On some blogs the comments have to be approved before they are posted. Maybe that is one way for you to go.
Hope you stay you would so be missed.

Kathy - Craftolic said...

Hi Diane, I don't comment often but felt compelled to having
just read your blog. I drop by regularly as I really enjoy your
blog and creations, they cheer me up. PLEASE don't let
one nasty comment get you down. Try and rise above it and
listen to the majority of us who are all singing your praises as
we all love your blog and creations,lots of love Kathyxxxxxxx

Linda Ruthie said...

I just wanted to join the others in saying I'm sorry someone felt the need to criticize your work. It was certainly unfair and uncalled for.
I think that most all of us come here to share our creativity and inspiration, smiles and hugs and the ups and downs of our lives. I have not had anyone leave a comment on my blog that wasn't in the spirit of friendship so I can't say how I would react. I hope with a bit of time, the love shared here will overcome the bad feelings caused by one thoughtless person.

Art and Sand said...

I found your blog via another blog and liked the title. I am new to blogging and just met someone on Saturday that I met through blogging so I was intrigued to read on. Then, I was saddened to read what someone had written. Unfortunately, there are a lot of ugly people in the world, but there are far more wonderful people. Focus on all the wonderful comments you are receiving.

craftyles said...

I don't see why someone has to leave a nasty comment. If they don't like something-they don't have to look at it. Just like TV-you watch what you want. I hope that one comment doesn't make you change your beautiful blog.I just found you and love your creations and blog!

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Hi Diane,

I just got back from 2 weeks away dealing with the completely unexpected death of Uncle Dane. Now that I'm home, I feel totally disoriented and need to get back to my daily routine. After having unpacked all day, I wanted to just veg in front of some of my favorite blogs to pick me back up. Yours is one of them.

When I started reading, I thought maybe you had just reached a point where you wanted to move on from blogging. Then I read about that comment and of course, had to scroll down to see what was said.

Sorry you had to go through this. You try and make the world a prettier place and then someone has to come in and bring it down.

Your work is always beautiful and inspiring. I also really like Magpie's work. But it never once came to mind that you were stealing her work. Although it's similar, it's still different. You both have different "FEELS" to your work. To me, that shows genuine artistry on both your parts.

Hugs from PA!