Sunday, January 6, 2013

February Colors

Sweet Little Valentines
all in a row...

I've been sneaking some creative time
and creating Love Inspired Valentine Keepsakes

I have also pulled out all my rescued
Vintage Figurines
They always give me inspiration

I love working with the 
February Colors..
Pinks, Reds, Silver & Golds

Most of the Vintage Figurines in my Collection
are rescued by that I mean a chip here
or a lost wing, so I up-cycle them
add a bit of bling to give them a

When I do find one that is perfect 
those are the ones that I re-sell
Collectors are looking for perfection...

I figure if I was to have one fall off a shelf
I would not get freaked out ..

This February Angel had a broken hand
so I added the little gift package
she is also missing one half of her wings

I have yet to do anything about that
but this year I have decided to do 
something about that!
I am now on the lookout for
a fairy Wing..

Anything that has lasted all these years
deserves to be honored..
Don't you agree?


Creative Breathing said...

Diane, Your figurine collection is so wonderful. I always enjoy seeing it. Your Handmades are wonderful. Love the spun head Miss! Elizabeth

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love all of your pretty creations and the little angel with only one wing is precious. I always feel like...none of us are perfect...and we are all still beautiful. Hugs!


I'm so happy that you make the little figurines pretty again! I'm feeling the Love!

vivian said...

how sweet all your little valentine cuties are! YOu should try super sculpey or paper clay. you could probably make another wing for you little friend that would almost perfectly match!
have a great week

Margaret said...

I love that you do that. Perfection does not mean supererior! Everything needs love and attention -even damaged figurines. Think of the Islandof Misfit Toys! They just wanted to be loved.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Happy reds & pinks!

craftyles said...

I just love your Valentines pretties. Makes me rethink the broken arm or wing thing. I see alot of cute figurines at GW, but have passed. Next time I'll see if they can be recued!