Friday, November 14, 2014

Little Bit of Rain

Yes, you read that right
We actually had a light drizzle Thursday night..

(calendula likes sun )

I'm sure you've all heard about California and
the drought... well yes it's not lookin good
Infact in the local paper and in our water bill
theres an offer the Water / City will pay any homeowner
$3 sq. ft. to take out their lawn and convert
the front yard to drought tolerant plants/ landscaping..

And so they say they have had great response..

I guess not only would it free up the time I take
manicuring the front yard, but we could save water..

I just don't think I'm there yet, I do diligence 
in water saving don't let the sprinklers run too 
long to where the water is running down the sidewalk
and into the cutter. I take the hose to any missed spots.
 I just love having a lawn in front and my flower bed
I switch out with annuals each Season..

And then theres those gardens in the places where you
have freezing temps and snow..
Now that's kinda of intriguing no yard work
during the Winter I like the sound of that!


Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Your flowers are pretty!
No more flowers here now. We haven't had much rain this fall and I've liked that!

Blondie's Journal said...

What a shame about the drought. Would you believe, when we were in N.C. in the spring, we stayed at a B&B and they were so conservation minded, they had a lawn made of artificial "save water". It was such a wonder to me. Still don't know what to think but I would definitely prefer plants that didn't require a lot of water!

As a long time gardener, I make sure to water at night and soak the ground thoroughly. I do this about twice a week. We have a lot of shade so I'm lucky. And I buy flowers that don't shrivel up the minute they get dry.

Otherwise, I hope all is well in your world! :) Drizzle on!!!!

Jane x

Anonymous said...

I Live in Michigan- yes it's true we have no winter gardening- just shoveling snow everyday!

Diana Wise said...

Hi Diane,
It was so good to see your smiling face visiting my blog!
I love your pretty flowers and it's great that you are conserving water. Here on the coast of NC everything is sand based so it sucks up water fast. We have to mindful to plant what is native to the area or it won't make it.