Sunday, May 17, 2015

Saturdayfinds Treasure Hunt

I had things to do Friday and Saturday
early morning that prevented me from
hitting local Estate and Yard Sales early!
You know things...
Work yes my Real Estate job...

So no sales on Friday, I was meeting potential clients
to list their home.. (Thats a very good thing)
When Saturday rolled around I knew where
the sales were but no dice not until around 9:30 10ish
I went to the Post Office and stopped by a local
rummage sale..
and the little Thrift Shop right next door!
and thats where I found the quilt
 I'll share that on another post

So heres some of what I bought this zip loc bag
"The Tea Party"

And here's what was inside.. 
I added a hair ribbon to each little dolly
The've seen better days but I'm sure I'll find
them a new home..

And Saturday night I stayed up a little late
to dress one of the Dollhouse Dolls
I was so tempted to ask one of you talented 
bloggers if I could send her your way
for her new clothes..
What do you think? Does it look ok?
I have not done the 2nd one yet ...
Well heres to a very positive Week..
Wishing you all the best..



vivian said...

Cute stuff! I think you did a great job dressing your little doll. I passed so many garage sales and there were a bunch of estate sales this weekend, but I didnt stop at any. I wonder what treasures I missed out on!? lol!
have a great week Diane.

Margaret said...

Sweet sweet dolls. So happy you rescued them! Maggie

Musings from Kim K. said...

Your little dollhouse doll looks absolutely perfect in her new attire. Glad you found some time to play and shop this weekend.

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Your new little dollies look so cute, I like their added bows to their hair! Love your sweet dollhouse doll too, she looks right at home, so cute!! :) Happy new week! xo Holly

Leslie said...

awww... they are so cute Diane! The ribbons are the perfect touch! Every time I visit you I remember that I must go thrifting!! Haven't been in so long.
Have a great weekend.

Sarah Coller said...

Your dollies are precious and so is your tea party! Thanks for sharing!


lupe said...

I am a crocheter, paper crafter, and thrifter. I would gladly try and crochet a dress for one of your babies. I have done so in the past and my peeps have been tickled pink with my work. let me know if you would like one made and maybe we can work out a trade cause I love your work.