Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Orphaned Twins from Germany

I have started to find little..
Dollhouse people 
let me introduce you to the latest arrival
meet ...the Kapper Twins

(this photo is from e-bay auction)

These little sweethearts are soft rubber 
each with "Germany" markings on their backs
both darling Vintage treasures... don't you agree?

They arrived today without a stitch of clothing
and in need of some sprucing up

All the girls in the house have been counting down the
days until their arrival...

But first things first  a good soak in the tub
and  I must muster up some clothing for these two...

I'm sure once they settle in 
The Hartfield Cottage will feel 
 just  like home.


Teresa Schubert said...

I'm so glad these 2 poor little naked orphans have been rescued, I'm absolutely sure they'll be happier once their clean and dressed and in their new home! So cute!
sugar,spice and whatever's nice

vivian said...

OH !! lovely little girls! I have a couple of those tiny rubber german girls too. I love tiny dolls. Im off to a doll show this saturday and will be looking for tiny treasures!
have fun with all those little things Diane... thats all like heaven to me!
happy weekend and happy mothers day!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I can't wait to see them in their new frocks! I have the same dolls in one of my dollhouses too. Keep on playing!