Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What's Been Happening

Our Daughter  Breezy and I out shopping for
Miss Amelies Pretty Mermaid Birthday Party
this coming Saturday!

Pictures to come my daughter is such the party planner!

The New Mother Doll I bought in a lot on E-bay
making her Debut at the Hatfield Cottage Dollhouse~

I just won the bidding on this Dollhouse Family of 4
Cannot wait until they arrive....

• not my photo

While Hubby was away in Chicago for our Nieces Wedding
I was holding down the fort and business during the day....
and wallpapering the Dollhouse in the Evenings!

I worked on ironing some Vintage Clothing
for my Etsy Shop Myfavoritefinds

Here they hang in the extra room...

I just love how pretty they display...

It's hard to part with some of the Treasures 
I find... but there is always more...

A few of the Miniatures from a Craig's list Ad I answered..

I scored boxes full and 
and have kept a few for my collection...

 Miss Amelie Olivia June 1st 
 turned Seven... where did the time go?

My life is full and I'm so blessed... 
work can be full of ups and downs 

but everything else is just the best...

Oh wait...

the view outside from my back patio tonight!
We had rain today...and in California.. thats a good thing~

Thanks for spending a little time visiting..
I love the company..

Hugs From California,


Victoria said...

Your dollhouse is adorable!!! Your wallpapering job is so perfect and even! I just finished a dollhouse a few months ago, it was a kit from the 80's made by Dura Craft. Most of the furniture I made myself and some I found on Etsy. It was so much fun, I'm already itching to build another one!

Teresa Schubert said...

Diane, the dollhouse has come along just beautiful, love the mom and baby dolls, also like your new family your waiting for. precious granddaughter!
Sugar, spice and whatever's nice

vivian said...

I agree life is good.. life is sweet. there are those times we have to struggle a bit, but it makes the good times taste all the better!
love you Diane and love this post!
happy Thursday!

Margaret said...

Your things are just amazing! Everything looks breathtaking. Such lovely photos of you and your family. Enjoy the Summer and keep wallpapering!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Everything is soooo lovely! Beautiful family! Glad I stopped by! :)


Musings from Kim K. said...

Keep on playing! I've been having so much fun watching the transformation of your dollhouse. How lovely to have family nearby and to celebrate grandchildren and special birthdays. I can't wait to see mermaid party pics!