Monday, February 29, 2016

The Countdown to Spring

I got the two tubs down from the attic...
mind you I live in a Ranch Style Home in California
built in the 70's no Basement and
no Attic..  that is with the exception of the great
Attic space hubby built in the high ceiling 
portion of our two car garage 

It's a great storage place it's got that typical
drop down staircase you know the kind and storage galore
So when referring to my"Attic" thats what I'm talking about.

Thinking about it the attic that is it's kind of dangerous
for a person like myself...  (Horder...collector)
I can literally stash anything up there like 8 tubs of Christmas
yep you heard that right...
Only 3 for Easter and 1 for Valentines Day
But I have all sorts of other Vintage Goodies to sell
that await me up in this Attic of mine

So what have I been doing you ask?
I've been busy in the evenings working on my Springtime
Keepsakes... burning the midnight oil 

And then when the early morning sun shines 
through my Studio windows thats when I set up for photographs
a little computer work and into my Etsy shop they go!

I just love working with the pastel colors of Springtime..
I've just kinda skipped St. Patty's Day crafting and have gone
right into Spring. With working as a Realtor it means
my Studio time is limited so that means choices just not
enough time in a day!

Hope you all are making time for some of your
happy hobbies...
Enough said I'm off to my Mat Pilates Class
Thanks for popping by



Very cute spring treasures, as always :) How is the real estate market? Hubby wrote an offer tonight...not as busy as we would like. Always thankful when there is a sell.

vivian said...

I love your happy little bunnies! I have two of your bunnies on a shelf in my craftroom!
Im hoping to do some Easter crafting soon. I have a bunch of bear orders I need to get started on first though. Have a great day Diane!

Laurie Duncan said...

Adorable creations! I'm so excited for spring this year! :)

Curtains in My Tree said...

Your little creations are always so adorable.and surprised they don't get to hot in your attic there in California?

I am working on getting my bedroom wallpapered to match my bed comforter and drapes,
I have always wanted a busy toile bedroom

TiffanyJane said...

Stopping by for a visit again, enjoying your blog :) Love your pic, you are beautiful~~ :)
Love all the pics and sweet ornaments~~~
Have a great day~

Sandy McClay said...

I just put out the sweet bunny I bought last year from you......just adore them....

Happy Harris said...

OMG are just as cute as those pretty little ornaments that you make...You make me feel like I want to fill my attic up with lots of lovely things...since moving I have got rid of loads of bits and bobs, but now spring is upon us, we will be having lots of bootsales (kinda like garage sales but loads of different sellers all in one field selling outta the back of their cars!) so they are the perfect places to be buying vintage have reminded me that I have a new fresh and empty attic! one can know this secret but us! ;) lol! love you as always xxx