Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Is Here!

Summer Is Here and yes we have been experiencing
a lot of very warm weather..
It's difficult to get inspired to work in the Studio
when it's so darn warm!

So I usually make a visit or two to my local
Thrift stores...
and that's where I found 
this adorable "Happy Birthday Cake"

I've been collecting Vintage Childrens Books all with 
the same color scheme going on
But I was kinda shocked when I went into
Cost Plus and there was a rack full
of re-make Golden Books!
Next time I'm there i'll snap a picture!

I worked on only a couple 4th of July Goodies
with my job yes I don't survive on my crafting 
or antiquing.... I've got that "Big Girl" job

I'm a Real Estate Agent!
And I've been very busy and I am so grateful..
But it translates into "Open Houses"
every weekend!

Haven't had a Vacation yet but hubby and I were guest
VIP's to a fun Wine & Food  Festival
Once I get a few of the houses I have on the market sold
then I need some beach time!

Hope your all enjoying your Summer!
And finding great Vintage Treasures!

Have a Very Fun 4th of July!


Laurie Duncan said...

Your 4th if July doll is adorable! Hope you get a vacation soon! I'm finally getting one and I can't wait. \(^o^)/

Sandy McClay said...

I so can relate tot he "so hot"....I am getting excited about fall....Chris is getting better every day now that the chemo is done so I can get back to some of my joys...:) LOVe the books you found! I think I am going out today...looking for some fun ones! Savers here I come!
Hugs, Sandy

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

Your 4th of July dolls are so adorable. Your blog always brings me joy!
And I live in the South so I can relate to the heat!! Maybe a trip to the pool is in order?
Have a great weekend~

Curtains in My Tree said...

So good to see your post again.Nice to see what your up to and what you have found

Yes my dear it has been HOT here also thanks for my central air or I couldn't stand it

we are to get a washout this entire weekend flash flood warning also

Happy 4th to you and hubby

pinkrosesandtecups said...

OOh, love these books!! I am excited that I can post again! I have to look for them!! xo

pinkrosesandtecups said...

Hi Dianne! Hubby took me to that store today, but I only found one book that I liked. I can order them on-lie though!! xo

Jean Knee said...

Hope you get some time off soon. You and your hub make such a cute couple. :)