Saturday, October 15, 2016

Spotted a BIG Pink Box

Woke up A little earlier then I wanted on Saturday ...
You see today I didn't have to work.. so sleeping in was an option

But it just didn't happen so I had my cup of coffee and checked
on-line for any local garage sales..

there was one that sounded a bit intriguing 
so I quickly jumped into my clothes and off I went..

There was really not much to consider a box of vintage cookie cutters 
for $5 not the kind with the wood handles so I passed on those..
a Halloween Sweater for $ I don't think so

and then thats when I spotted a Very large PINK Box

And when I opened the box I was so surprised to find this Beautiful 24" Doll
resting on top of numerous clothes..

There was a card handwritten by the gal having the sale it read..
"American Character Doll 1950's Make Offer"

I just really hate that because I never really know what to offer...

So I just started looking through the box admiring all the
pretty outfits.. I did notice they were all
handmade and made with great detail I might add..

And the Doll was not perfect but who is that was created in 1950?

Her face paint is perfect and her body very good but her nail polish
is a bit faded and her eyes are slow to open and close..

The gal shouts out to me 
"I'm gonna charge you per minute while you handle her"

Like I said I had no idea what to offer so I asked ..

"How much are you asking for her?"

She quickly responded "Forty Dollars"

Now I knew I had just that much cash in my pocketbook
because I withdrew that much from the bank
on Friday to pay for the dinner we are going to Saturday night...

So I'm not sure what your thinking right now but me....

well I was thinking things like this... it's FATE!!

Right? "Meant to be" "How could I pass her up"

All these things running through my head...

"I'l take her I said...."

Those words just rolled off my tongue ...
"You will she replied, I was wondering why she had not sold earlier
in the morning" she said
And then she shows me the folded over portion of the price tag
and it was $100...
I also was told it was her Sisters and their Mother had
made all the lovely clothes.

And how happy she was that I was buying her!

So off I went loaded the box in my Prius ..

and took her home .....

My New "Saturdayfinds....


Hensrule @ blogspot. Com said...

She found the perfect home!

vivian said...

wow! great find.. she is lovely. And, I'll bet she will be very happy with you. I would have fun playing dress up with her trying all of her clothes on her.. and probably photographing and posing her all around the house or gardens in each outfit!
Have fun Diane!


It great when you find something meant just for you!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

fabulous find! She was there waiting for you, meant to be. The clothes look just wonderful.

FourSistersInACottage said...

Total fate! She was supposed to be home with you! Love it when things like this happen. Makes you look up at the sky and say "Thank you God, I know that was you"

Sarita Boyette said...

Oh, she is beautiful! You are the perfect Mommy for her! I can just imagine that Mother lovingly making those clothes for her little girl to play with. And you had the right amount of money - that is wonderful!

Margaret said...

How wonderful! How could they even part with her and those handmade dresses! I'm so happy you were able to get her!

Jennifer Fussnecker said...

Hope to see her model some of those handmade goodies. Thanks for sharing this beautiful find (dare I say bargain?)

pinkrosesandtecups said...

You are the perfect new mommy for her! she is so pretty! Lucy find too!


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I love everything about this little lady - even her beautiful vintage box!

Patti said...

I am so happy to see this beautiful doll and all her pretty dresses this morning! I even called Hubs over to see her! You were indeed blessed! I think she is very sweet, and she represents a dear mother who adored her child, too. Happy weekend!