Sunday, November 13, 2016

Realtor by Day... Crafter by Night

Well I thought it's about time I steal
a few minutes to say hello to my Blogging friends

I've been really stepping things up with my Realtor job
a dear Realtor in my office that is very successful gave me a little tip..
When I asked her "what do you do to get so many sales?"
She said the recipe to her success is just getting out and meeting people
networking with friends.. getting out of the office

So taking her advice I've really put myself out there
I had one client in a Mobile Home park thats very close to my home
and I just worked it and I worked it hard
having Open Houses meeting and greeting people
and you know what it's working..

It's an older home but the owners have added some nice touches!

So since I've been busy most days... with Real Estate

I'm crafting in the evenings 

Next I've got to find sometime in the day to get
pictures taken and add these Holiday goodies to my Etsy Shop

I hope your doing well and life is good ......

With Thanksgiving fast approaching and
Christmas right around the corner...
I'm gonna keep that Glue Gun fired up!

Hugs & Kisses


Laurie Duncan said...

Glad you're business is doing well! And glad you're still making those cute ornaments! :)


Hey Diane...good idea to talk with other realtors and gleam from them. Your treasures are so sweet! Hoping that your listing will sell soon!

Nan said...

You are such a talent! Good luck with all the hard work you are doing in real estate. Nan