Monday, February 20, 2017

Springtime Madness

I've been busy working on some Springtime Goodies~

I usually don't do much if any St. Patricks Day Goodies 
I go from Valentines Day..
straight to "Spring!

Recently I scored a great collection of 
vintage bump chenille...

more then enough ... in fact
I've been selling some in my Shops..
a girl couldn't possibly use it all!

I have wanted to make these Easter Bunnies for sometime
I had some plain spun cotton heads
so I added a face gave her some ears...
and dressed her in her Sundays Best!

The larger 4" bump chenille came in handy
for this plush bunny and the Easter baskets
I've been making out of chenille..

Working towards getting a nice assortment of handmade
goodies in my Etsy Shop.. I have 
more ideas then I have time for how about you?

Thanks for popping by~

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