Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hello June!

It's just hard to believe that it's June..
Where is the time going?

We have been very busy with work that it's been
just about impossible to take a little
bit of time for ourselves

except for last weekend it was great my husbands brother
and his wife made a stop over coming back from  Hawaii
and on their way back home to Chicago..
So we celebrated free time on Memorial Day weekend..

Before their arrival we had a major project to get
done.. one side of our fence blew down in the last 
rain and wind storm we had
in Southern California!
So that had to be fixed...

And then on top of juggling work
we had our lease coming to an end on the car
and we had to quick go out and do some test driving
And after all the looking and test driving we came back to a Prius
once again.. we just loved our 2014 Prius and with all the
improvements that have been made even better gas mileage!!
And we are happy we did!

And then the first week of June we have a brand new
Dollar Tree ..we had a previous one but it was much smaller
this ones huge!

Hope your enjoying some good weather where you live 
we are having some nice sunny Days.. perfect for gardening


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