Saturday, July 22, 2017

Tammy Doll the other Barbie of the 60's

When I was a little girl I did have a couple Barbie Dolls
and a couple Ken Dolls, but I also had a Tammy Doll..

Of course Barbie was so supper thin and a 10+ figure
kinda made the Tammy Doll seem a bit over weight...

Strange how society and toys came into play..
Of course now looking at her she was just an average
teenage girl...

I believe I sold my original way back and I kinda missed
her.. so I went on a hunt to find a Tammy Doll
just like the one I had as a young girl.

Overtime I spotted one for a good price I bought it
and then another until I ended up with 5 
Funny not a one in this picture is dressed in an 
authentic Tammy outfit they are all home-made
Gotta love Tammy's flirty look
Do you have a Tammy Doll?

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