Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Love of Dollhouses and Miniatures

I've always had a love for miniatures
and Dollhouses..

I think it might have started when I was young
and visited the Display at Knotts Berry Farm
"Motts Miniatures" 

I had a dollhouse years back and then I sold it..
well the delight of miniatures has again
entered into my life..

I found this
sweet doll under glass at a local Estate
(it's a start)

Isn't she a beauty?

Then I found a dollhouse at our local Salvation Army,
and then another... and then one on Craigslist
sold 2 and I've kept 1!

All 3 Houses were bare no furniture so that started the hunt!

I found all of this from one seller on Etsy!
Came delivered in a big box..
Oh Joy Happy Mail indeed!

The fun was beginning...

I would set-up little displays in the Dollhouse
and capture it with a photo!

One day I answered an Ad on Craigslist 
"Boxes of Miniatures" I made a phone call
took a run out to the home and thats where

I hit the "Jackpot"
Yes 8 Boxes filled with Miniature goodness!!

Boxes of small treasures..
So much in fact I've been selling some in my Easy Shop~

Darling porcelain dishes...

And these charmers "Who Let The Dogs Out"

I needed more people for all this miniature goodness..

And I found this little Vintage German Boy Doll on E-bay

These china dolls came in those boxes
they are cute but not my style so I kept hunting

I got these two nude vintage dolls..

I touched up the painted shoes
and dressed one...

And then I ran across this Mother, Father and
little girl and Baby..
Don't they look like the family is complete?

And now I've got to get the Dollhouse in some kind of
order.. originally had it grand-peep friendly..
but the kids are not playing with it much.. so time to
fix it up a bit I'll keep you posted!

Happy Summer!

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