Tuesday, January 9, 2018

After Christmas Purge

Not Sure How you're all feeling..
But I can tell you how I've been feeling..
A bit overwhelmed
Yes After the Holidays its just kinda tough
to get back into reality

December went by so quickly this year with the warm
temperatures and fires in California we opted to purchase
our first artificial tree...

The days were just moving along I barely had time
to do much Holiday decorating....

Hubby and I had to make our Traditional Peanut Brittle
we like to send it to our parents now it's a MUST!

Got the Grand kids gifts wrapped and Shipped
in plenty of time....

Put out a little more Holiday decorations..
But I didn't get any extra time to make 
goodies for my Etsy Shop.. that was a bummer
but I was feeling very blessed to be busy at work....

And before you know it the Holidays came and Went!

And now I've packed up Christmas and I'm going through
cupboards and drawers and even the attic
starting to sell off some of my stuff 
I'm really feeling the need to have less..
So far I'm on a roll I'll keep you posted on my progress..

Happy New Year!

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