Friday, February 9, 2018

Changing Things Up at Our House

Hubby and I have been working on various projects
around the house...

This particular one was all about adding more surface space
something that our little California Cottage Kitchen lacks!

Hubby just finished making this new Larger Butcher Block
with an overhang on one side to add a couple stools
found a yummy butcher block top at Lowes 

After a few tweaks to customize it for our Kitchen space...

I posted our older one that he also had made a few years back
on local Buy and Sell site on Facebook
and it found a new home...

We are very happy with the new one 
It has a spice drawer on one side just like our older one had!

(Older one)

(New one)

By the way thought I would share a close-up of the faux
cotton I picked up... they are in a vintage Yogurt Bottle~
I think they look real but without the mess!
... and all the stems are wrapped wire so easy to manipulate!

Since the butcher block was completed it set us out on a hunt for barstools..
I'll tell you that was a challenge we needed them to be somewhat lightweight..
and not to bulky... since the dining room is right next to it...
We spotted these stools at Home Goods lightweight sturdy and unique!

We found 2 at one Home Goods and picked up a 3rd at another Home Goods

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of what we've been doing on our
off days...


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