Monday, August 13, 2018

Hello it's me.....I know it's been a long long time...I do Facebook... I do Instagram...
And got real busy getting my Real Estate Career in gear!
Hey and doing so I actually got an award our two at the Company..
But I've missed my creating and my Blog so I'm Back!!

Well Summer arrived and we invited friends over for Dinner & Drinks the 
problem was our patio had been severely neglected..and hubby 
and I decided to do something about it!
Power washed the patio.. the old paint was totally worn...

And Painted the concrete!

Looking good...But we both decided it looked to plain...

So we did a little faux technique with a darker color!

Sold the old Patio Furniture on Marketplace and the 
timing was perfect to pick-up a new Patio set at 
"End of Summer" Clearance! compliments of good old Home Depot...
•note rug from Target clearance

And then we bought some trees.. 4 fruit trees
Our little Toyota truck always comes in handy for these type of projects!

We got them home safely we laid them down
in the truck for the ride home.. 

nursery gentleman well spoken advice!

Oh yes, we even drained repaired and got our waterfall / pond working again...

And now we can once again enjoy our out-door space

I think besides adding a few more plants here and there..we are done outside for a bit..
Im ready to get back in my Craft Studio..
I've got a whole lot of ideas swirling around in my head!

Thanks for stopping by ox

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