Friday, February 15, 2019

Behind the Scenes in the Studio Birthday Crafting

I thought I would share a bit of the behind
the scenes... How I actually get started
working on a theme

This theme is 
"Happy Birthday"

So I start by gathering all the goodies related to
Birthdays and the pastel colors I'll be using!

I absolutely love vintage Birthday Cake candle holders
and find so many creative ways to use 
them in my dioramas

I found some charming Birthday Vintage decals..
problem I have found is they are not always easy to find
and if and when I do they can be a bit pricy....

So I have scanned and made copies of some of my favorites

One of my favorite flowers that I try to keep a good 
collection on hand is the little for-get-me-nots
they always add a bit of whimsy to any creations!

The banners "Happy Birthday" I make myself I pick
some fun fonts and print a sheet of various sizes

See how charming it is by adding a bouquet of
the for-get-me-nots...

And the ballerina Cake Decorations again
another one of my favorites!

When I work on my Banners then I can get
a lot more creative using more elements
and even personalizing if a customer 
makes a request.

I hope you enjoyed a little info
about how I get my creative juices going...

And now that Valentines Day is behind us 
I'm ready for Bunnies and pastels..
How about you?

Thanks for Visiting!


Theresa said...

SO many pretties:) Love the pastels and I am ready to get the bunnies out too! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Those are the cutest ever !!! You do such a magnificent job creating

I'm trying to make a couple things now and need a new site for making little banners, my Word is not included in my new computer,can you tell me what you use to make Happy Birthday in pretty fonts?

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Simply adorable!