Wednesday, October 9, 2019

California is feeling Fallish!

Hey I'm not really sure
Fallish is an actual word!
Here in California the days are still a bit warm
but the evenings are cooling down
and actually giving us a hint of that Fall feel!

And the fact that it's October...
it's time to get out the Fall decor!

I started out with my twig wreath...
yes very very bland.. yes we all agree!

And then picked up this ribbon at my
oh so close Dollar Tree!

I snapped a picture sent it to my very creative daughter 
and I got no reaction..
absolutely none!

Next time we talked I asked "did you get my photo"
the response was silent...
and then she just started laughing..
and laughing.. and laughing
And then I started laughing.... we both giggled
for sometime not a word said!
and then...

"Mom" she said... "you can do better then that"

Sure I know I can but I was in a bit of a feel 
sorry for myself kind of mood...
So next day I snapped myself out of it and marched
into Dollar Tree and picked up some
things that I could use to step it up a notch!

Got myself some flowers and little Pumpkins
And I started feeling better...

Amazing what a little pep talk from a friend or loved one
can do to change your spirits ...

And with Halloween Right around the Corner
attending a 50's Party was a huge excuse to dress-up!
And Party!
And now I've got a Costume for our Halloween
Office Party...

How about you has the beginning of Fall been good to you?
Feeling low... or overwhelmed?
Pick your self up by bringing home
a pumpkin or two it's amazing medicine!

Happy Pumpkin Season,
Love Diane


Theresa said...

Love the wreath. Fall was slow to arrive here in Georgia but it is finally here. Cute picture of you both! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Always so creative and such an inspiration to me! Love ♥