Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Christmas Crafting Kitschy Kittens

It's a Merry Crafting Christmas Season!

About a week ago I posted this picture on a sharing Group
on Facebook.... Not sure if you have heard of one of these groups
you can share your crafts but can't mention a thing about selling your crafts

The above picture is the one I posted!
Now mind you these Kitsch Kittens were from last years crafting
and I no longer had any made.

But I got such positive response to the point the admin of this
Facebook Group set off commenting...
(which I thought was a bit strange)

So I decided to get out my supplies...
fire-up the old glue gun and get busy!

One little hiccup my glue gun died!!

I had to postpone crafting until I shopped for
a new Glue gun....
Got a New Glue Gun, and I'm back in business 

I've only made 4 and I'm offering them for sale
in my Etsy Shop  Saturdayfinds $25 includes shipping

I hope your Enjoying your Thanksgiving Weekend
A special time to be Thankful!

Big Hugs From Rainy California,

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Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I just realized I missed this blog post - as usual fabulous creations from you! ♥