Wednesday, October 9, 2019

California is feeling Fallish!

Hey I'm not really sure
Fallish is an actual word!
Here in California the days are still a bit warm
but the evenings are cooling down
and actually giving us a hint of that Fall feel!

And the fact that it's October...
it's time to get out the Fall decor!

I started out with my twig wreath...
yes very very bland.. yes we all agree!

And then picked up this ribbon at my
oh so close Dollar Tree!

I snapped a picture sent it to my very creative daughter 
and I got no reaction..
absolutely none!

Next time we talked I asked "did you get my photo"
the response was silent...
and then she just started laughing..
and laughing.. and laughing
And then I started laughing.... we both giggled
for sometime not a word said!
and then...

"Mom" she said... "you can do better then that"

Sure I know I can but I was in a bit of a feel 
sorry for myself kind of mood...
So next day I snapped myself out of it and marched
into Dollar Tree and picked up some
things that I could use to step it up a notch!

Got myself some flowers and little Pumpkins
And I started feeling better...

Amazing what a little pep talk from a friend or loved one
can do to change your spirits ...

And with Halloween Right around the Corner
attending a 50's Party was a huge excuse to dress-up!
And Party!
And now I've got a Costume for our Halloween
Office Party...

How about you has the beginning of Fall been good to you?
Feeling low... or overwhelmed?
Pick your self up by bringing home
a pumpkin or two it's amazing medicine!

Happy Pumpkin Season,
Love Diane

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Buying A New House! .... a Cottage!

Buying Real Estate!
Yes I've put a down on an adorable
Green Country Cottage!
Darling wood shake roof... white trim
Hunter green shutters and flower boxes!
And a Hunter Green Front Door!

Charming interior...
light wood floors, baseboard trim, 
Large windows making it light & Bright!
Sweet decorative staircase to the second story!

Beautifully wallpapered throughout
It's used so it will require some repairs
but they appear to be minor...

I'll Meet up with the owner on Tuesday to close on this Charmer..

About a year or so ago I sold the Dollhouse I had...
the grands got older didn't play with it much and it was
pretty large taking up way too much space..
So I sold it!

 I've been on the hunt to find a small Cottage..
I picked up this "New Construction" 
On Facebook Marketplace
Yes, it's small like I want but not much more I 
can say about it....Walls are thin not very sturdy 
and I really didn't know where or how to begin
on the New Build!

 I'm very excited to have found a Dollhouse that I think will work
out perfectly in the space I have..

I promise to share an update when it comes home with me!

Thanks for Stopping By


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Its Summertime in California!

We live North of Los Angeles
closer to the Pacific Ocean and we have
had many a foggy mornings....
but by around noon the sun is Out!

I'm pretty fair skinned so I don't do much sunbathing
and if I do venture to the coast a hat is a good thing to have.
The other day I stopped into this great little 
Thrift Shop and I picked myself up this darling hat.
The brim is unusual you can actually tweak it
and shape it! Cute?

Mornings on the weekend I'm enjoying
a cup of coffee and good read out on the Patio

I just love all the blooming flowers 
in the Garden

I'm filling up vases
all over the house!

And of course I'm still out there doing 
some treasure hunting

Jadeite Vase to add to my collection!

And the Fourth of July with 
Family, Friends and Food!

Not your typical July BBQ
Hubby decided to do slow cook pork roast,
homemade beans and rice and all the fixings!

I hope your all having a wonderful Summer
making sure to enjoy the warmer longer days.
Stay Safe my friends oxox

Friday, May 17, 2019

Crafting In May and Lot's of Pink!

Since all the Holidays are behind us I figured
I would start creating some Birthday Theme Creations..

So I got out various items to get me inspired..
The PINK mushrooms in particular I found at Big Lots
20 for $4.00 not a bad deal I was thrilled when I came across them!
You see I was in Michaels Crafts first didn't purchase anything not a one...
and then walked next-door and Bam! Fun Find!

Oh yes and this Wolverine toy Fridge well this
treasure I found at my Local Goodwill

I was thrilled when I spotted tithe next morning
I couldn't wait to set it up on the patio table
and snap a few pictures!

Believe it or not I almost left it behind you see when I looked inside
it appeared like there was a missing shelf in the top 
portion but upon further inspection I realized
it was just unattached and needed a little re-adjustment!

Brought it home and Hubby fixed it up for me.

Ok so I confess I just had to play a bit stuck a few items inside
and grabbed a vintage Shirley Temple doll
to pose with it!

In all my Treasure Hunting travels 
this is my first Pink Wolverine 
Isn't it darling?

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Let's Welcome Spring & Easter Crafty Goodness

This grouping of Vintage Easter sits on my Dining Room Table
I love the old wax cottage cheese containers...
They were rinsed and saved by our mothers and used for Easter Baskets
Opps... looks like I've just dated myself!

The sweet Bunny Party Toppers I bought from a favorite seller on Etsy TinselandTrinkets
a few years back... originally to craft with but as you can see
I just haven't been able to remove them from their original packaging

Most of the Easter Treasures I have are ones that really make me feel good
you know they make me smile when I un-wrap them..
So if a certain item just doesn't do that for me then it's time to go!
I have two tubs of Easter Decor and this year I'm limiting it down to one!

Now of course that doesn't count the tub I have overflowing with
crafty stuff... 

I'm gonna thin it down a bit.. and of course use some of the goodies
to create Easter Items for my Etsy Shop and gifts for
Family and friends...

This Banner was fun to make I have such a large Collection of
Vintage greeting Cards for all Occasions and I just love
incorporating them in my Creations!

And then another favorite thing I like to do is take
the lost and forgotten Storybook Dolls that are a bit 
muddled and unkept..

And clean them up & add a bit of SUGARINESS

And offer them for Sale in My Etsy Shop
 one by one they find a "NEW" home.

Its' Saturday and I have plans to visit a couple of new to me Antique Stores
and maybe just maybe stop into Michaels Crafts.
Hope your having a wonderful beginning of Spring!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Behind the Scenes in the Studio Birthday Crafting

I thought I would share a bit of the behind
the scenes... How I actually get started
working on a theme

This theme is 
"Happy Birthday"

So I start by gathering all the goodies related to
Birthdays and the pastel colors I'll be using!

I absolutely love vintage Birthday Cake candle holders
and find so many creative ways to use 
them in my dioramas

I found some charming Birthday Vintage decals..
problem I have found is they are not always easy to find
and if and when I do they can be a bit pricy....

So I have scanned and made copies of some of my favorites

One of my favorite flowers that I try to keep a good 
collection on hand is the little for-get-me-nots
they always add a bit of whimsy to any creations!

The banners "Happy Birthday" I make myself I pick
some fun fonts and print a sheet of various sizes

See how charming it is by adding a bouquet of
the for-get-me-nots...

And the ballerina Cake Decorations again
another one of my favorites!

When I work on my Banners then I can get
a lot more creative using more elements
and even personalizing if a customer 
makes a request.

I hope you enjoyed a little info
about how I get my creative juices going...

And now that Valentines Day is behind us 
I'm ready for Bunnies and pastels..
How about you?

Thanks for Visiting!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Vintage Shopping on Marketplace

I had a really fun week... doing some Vintage
Shopping and the good thing about it...
the goodies were purchased 
minutes from my home from local people.

I have sold some stuff on Craigslist and next-door neighbor
and also Facebooks Market Place...
But I never bought from Facebook Market Place 
thats until this week...
And WOW I'm thrilled with my purchases

The Vintage Wedding Cake Topper a bit
Shabby but oh so perfectly "Chic"

And the price $3 well now how could a 
"Vintage Treasure Hunter" like myself resist that? 

The seller gave me her address and told me 
she would place it out on her porch 
and I was to leave the money under her porch mat. 

I was very surprised the glass tube was included!

And the sweet Nancy Ann Storybook Doll
well she was originally advertised with 2 other Dolls 
and had been listed for a week 
I asked the seller if I could just purchase 
the doll on my right?

And we agreed to $5.... the instructions were 
 ... she was to leave her out on the porch
in the morning double bagged because of the rain!
And I in turn would tuck the $5
in a ziplock under her door mat..
And off I went!

The third purchase these assorted Vintage Easter-
Spring miniatures.. just perfect for my creations
These were priced 2 for $1

So I must say my experience was good and yes
I will keep on looking and who knows what will be my next