Sunday, July 5, 2020

Happy 4th of July!

It's a bit of an unusual 4th of July here
in California.. Beaches are closed and the Fireworks are cancelled

So I kept busy doing some crafting ....

And Home Cooking!
A easy peasy Enchilada Casserole!

I hope you all Enjoyed your "Stay at Home" 4th of July Weekend

And now I'm busy in my Studio working on Christmas in July!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Quarantine Crafting In The Studio

With months of staying home its really made me appreciate
the hobbies I have...
Crafting and Creating Sweet Keepsakes for my Etsy Shop
has always been a passion of mine...

Unfortunately Etsy has disappointed me .. it seems that there
are so many craft supplies and commercial items being sold..
and a lot of people that just copy others work!
And my Creations have just sat and sat ...
Giving me a Kinda sick feeling that maybe no one likes what I create!
 so I set out to look  for new outlets to sell my handmade treasures..

I'm Happy to say I have found a couple outlets for my Designs
and I am feeling once again energized that people out there
actually like my Creations... 

Sales are up and I'm getting positive feedback compliments
from buyers... with all the turmoil going on in the World right now
having this positive response well..... its a GOOD thing

And I'm back to my Blog staying positive..

Thanks for Visiting

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

What a Wonderful Month of Love!

The Colors Of Valentines Day!

Whimsical Vintage Valentines
always add a great touch!

These 3 Spun Cotton Animals were plucked
from Kohls Christmas Clearance 75% off
I had to reach to the tip-top of a Tree display
to rescue the Darling Elephant aren't they cute?

I was only able to do a little bit of crafting 
for this Valentine Season!

I did put this banner together so easy to do...
Using a simple Target Banner $3 just added some of my
Vintage Valentines using mini clothes-pins
so not to damage the Valentines!

We also had Company this month 
Our daughter and her Family visited
from Utah

And since I had all my Valentine craft goodies out
Amelie one of our grands stayed very, very 
busy creating whimsical goodies!

Thanks for popping by

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Christmas Crafting Kitschy Kittens

It's a Merry Crafting Christmas Season!

About a week ago I posted this picture on a sharing Group
on Facebook.... Not sure if you have heard of one of these groups
you can share your crafts but can't mention a thing about selling your crafts

The above picture is the one I posted!
Now mind you these Kitsch Kittens were from last years crafting
and I no longer had any made.

But I got such positive response to the point the admin of this
Facebook Group set off commenting...
(which I thought was a bit strange)

So I decided to get out my supplies...
fire-up the old glue gun and get busy!

One little hiccup my glue gun died!!

I had to postpone crafting until I shopped for
a new Glue gun....
Got a New Glue Gun, and I'm back in business 

I've only made 4 and I'm offering them for sale
in my Etsy Shop  Saturdayfinds $25 includes shipping

I hope your Enjoying your Thanksgiving Weekend
A special time to be Thankful!

Big Hugs From Rainy California,

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Buying A New House! .... a Cottage!

Buying Real Estate!
Yes I've put a down on an adorable
Green Country Cottage!
Darling wood shake roof... white trim
Hunter green shutters and flower boxes!
And a Hunter Green Front Door!

Charming interior...
light wood floors, baseboard trim, 
Large windows making it light & Bright!
Sweet decorative staircase to the second story!

Beautifully wallpapered throughout
It's used so it will require some repairs
but they appear to be minor...

I'll Meet up with the owner on Tuesday to close on this Charmer..

About a year or so ago I sold the Dollhouse I had...
the grands got older didn't play with it much and it was
pretty large taking up way too much space..
So I sold it!

 I've been on the hunt to find a small Cottage..
I picked up this "New Construction" 
On Facebook Marketplace
Yes, it's small like I want but not much more I 
can say about it....Walls are thin not very sturdy 
and I really didn't know where or how to begin
on the New Build!

 I'm very excited to have found a Dollhouse that I think will work
out perfectly in the space I have..

I promise to share an update when it comes home with me!

Thanks for Stopping By


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Its Summertime in California!

We live North of Los Angeles
closer to the Pacific Ocean and we have
had many a foggy mornings....
but by around noon the sun is Out!

I'm pretty fair skinned so I don't do much sunbathing
and if I do venture to the coast a hat is a good thing to have.
The other day I stopped into this great little 
Thrift Shop and I picked myself up this darling hat.
The brim is unusual you can actually tweak it
and shape it! Cute?

Mornings on the weekend I'm enjoying
a cup of coffee and good read out on the Patio

I just love all the blooming flowers 
in the Garden

I'm filling up vases
all over the house!

And of course I'm still out there doing 
some treasure hunting

Jadeite Vase to add to my collection!

And the Fourth of July with 
Family, Friends and Food!

Not your typical July BBQ
Hubby decided to do slow cook pork roast,
homemade beans and rice and all the fixings!

I hope your all having a wonderful Summer
making sure to enjoy the warmer longer days.
Stay Safe my friends oxox

Friday, May 17, 2019

Crafting In May and Lot's of Pink!

Since all the Holidays are behind us I figured
I would start creating some Birthday Theme Creations..

So I got out various items to get me inspired..
The PINK mushrooms in particular I found at Big Lots
20 for $4.00 not a bad deal I was thrilled when I came across them!
You see I was in Michaels Crafts first didn't purchase anything not a one...
and then walked next-door and Bam! Fun Find!

Oh yes and this Wolverine toy Fridge well this
treasure I found at my Local Goodwill

I was thrilled when I spotted tithe next morning
I couldn't wait to set it up on the patio table
and snap a few pictures!

Believe it or not I almost left it behind you see when I looked inside
it appeared like there was a missing shelf in the top 
portion but upon further inspection I realized
it was just unattached and needed a little re-adjustment!

Brought it home and Hubby fixed it up for me.

Ok so I confess I just had to play a bit stuck a few items inside
and grabbed a vintage Shirley Temple doll
to pose with it!

In all my Treasure Hunting travels 
this is my first Pink Wolverine 
Isn't it darling?