Monday, January 14, 2019

Valentine Crafting

The Valentine Crafting is Going on !

I have pulled out all the wonderful Bits and Bobs 
with Valentine Colors in mind...

Kitschy Kittens ready to be transformed...

Sweet Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls being Up-cycled

Plans to get these added two my Easy Shop very soon!
It's crazy how life can get in the way...

I have a couple more Storybook Dolls to get ready for
adding to my shop for Valentines Day...
I'll keep you posted...

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Re-purpose Tattered Children's Books

It all kinda starts with my passion for
frequenting some of my 
favorite local Thrift Shops....

I have to confess I have a real hard time passing up
and leaving behind tattered and worn Children's Books
What do you think it is? The Graphics?
The memories of my first Dick & Jane Books? 
Whatever it is I have a problem....

Recently I've been trying to purge...
either use it or lose it!
So I thought how fun to do a little
cut and paste project...

Just starting out with some regular manila tags..
and believe me when I say "I HAVE PLENTY"

I remove the string and add some coordinating ribbon
use a glue stick to paste the images and type to the tag
 then I take my brown stamp pad and
give the edges a little finishing touch!

Pretty simple and you get great results!
So next time your ready to pass on that vintage
book that is falling apart at the spine..
Hey bring it hope and get creative!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Vintage Goodwill Finds with a Theme

The month of October brought a lot of
very similar items in my Thrift Shop visits...

I walked int our local Goodwill and these two 
wood cut-outs were standing on the top shelf..
I didn't know much about them but they looked 
interesting enough to buy ... upon getting them home
I realize they are signed by the artist "Bonnie Barrett"

Did a little research and discovered they are hand-painted
she uses a technique to give them an old look.
"Boardwalk Originals"

Great for the Farmhouse Designers out there!

And then at another local Goodwill these 
Salt & Pepper Shakers Made in Japan 
with cork plugs were sitting on a shelf
just waiting to be snatched!

They aren't in perfect condition but heck
for their age they aren't bad! 

And the same time on another shelf sat these!
Poppytrail Rooster Calif. Pottery  hand painted
Dishes in excellent good condition

And then this! A Vintage McCoy
Pottery Basket Weave Cookie Jar in Great Condition!!
And yes all in one swoop!

Now on an earlier visit to a Goodwill Thrift Shop I found
this Wonderful Large 70" x 90" Farmhouse Rooster Tablecloth
Not Vintage but does have a vintage look its a 
William Sonoma Cloth gently used condition!

Same Shop I found this Lovely Lazy Susan
Maurice of California USA!

It's kinda crazy when I group these all together they speak 
Don't you agree?

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Christmas Crafting in October!

I just wrapped up a rather difficult Real Estate Transaction last week.
And now I've got an actual lull so I am squeezing in some
Creative Studio time this week!
And it feels good

Ran over to Home Depot to purchase some lovely 
"Candy Pink" Spray paint. And mind you it was the last can
on the shelf I guess I'm not the only crafter working with pastel
colors for Christmas!

And weather was perfect an outdoor painting fest!

And now I'm working on mini Pastel
Christmas Baskets!

It's always a little hard to get your creative
juices going when I've taken a break,
but I find just pulling out my supplies and laying
them out on my work surface usually starts the juices flowing!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Hello it's me.....I know it's been a long long time...I do Facebook... I do Instagram...
And got real busy getting my Real Estate Career in gear!
Hey and doing so I actually got an award our two at the Company..
But I've missed my creating and my Blog so I'm Back!!

Well Summer arrived and we invited friends over for Dinner & Drinks the 
problem was our patio had been severely neglected..and hubby 
and I decided to do something about it!
Power washed the patio.. the old paint was totally worn...

And Painted the concrete!

Looking good...But we both decided it looked to plain...

So we did a little faux technique with a darker color!

Sold the old Patio Furniture on Marketplace and the 
timing was perfect to pick-up a new Patio set at 
"End of Summer" Clearance! compliments of good old Home Depot...
•note rug from Target clearance

And then we bought some trees.. 4 fruit trees
Our little Toyota truck always comes in handy for these type of projects!

We got them home safely we laid them down
in the truck for the ride home.. 

nursery gentleman well spoken advice!

Oh yes, we even drained repaired and got our waterfall / pond working again...

And now we can once again enjoy our out-door space

I think besides adding a few more plants here and there..we are done outside for a bit..
Im ready to get back in my Craft Studio..
I've got a whole lot of ideas swirling around in my head!

Thanks for stopping by ox

Friday, February 9, 2018

Changing Things Up at Our House

Hubby and I have been working on various projects
around the house...

This particular one was all about adding more surface space
something that our little California Cottage Kitchen lacks!

Hubby just finished making this new Larger Butcher Block
with an overhang on one side to add a couple stools
found a yummy butcher block top at Lowes 

After a few tweaks to customize it for our Kitchen space...

I posted our older one that he also had made a few years back
on local Buy and Sell site on Facebook
and it found a new home...

We are very happy with the new one 
It has a spice drawer on one side just like our older one had!

(Older one)

(New one)

By the way thought I would share a close-up of the faux
cotton I picked up... they are in a vintage Yogurt Bottle~
I think they look real but without the mess!
... and all the stems are wrapped wire so easy to manipulate!

Since the butcher block was completed it set us out on a hunt for barstools..
I'll tell you that was a challenge we needed them to be somewhat lightweight..
and not to bulky... since the dining room is right next to it...
We spotted these stools at Home Goods lightweight sturdy and unique!

We found 2 at one Home Goods and picked up a 3rd at another Home Goods

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of what we've been doing on our
off days...


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Valentine Crafting this Weekend

Sneaking in a little time in my Studio
this weekend~

Christmas came and went so quickly
that I was not able to do any Crafting 
for the Holidays...

Work kept me so busy.. no time in the Studio
but Valentines Day is slowly approaching
and when I packed up my Christmas tubs
I brought down my Valentine Tub determine to
do some Valentine Goodies for my Etsy Shop!

So this weekend thats exactly what I did...
Hope your enjoying your 3 day weekend!