Friday, April 9, 2021

Finding Vintage Dolls in Random Places!

This is exactly what I spotted on a shelf at my local Goodwill Thrift Shop

I must say it looked pretty messed up but in looking a little closer
I spotted one of my favorites.... a Nancy Ann Storybook Doll!

When I got it home I carefully Removed the massive amount 
of tape that was wrapped around this grouping.
Being ever so cautious not to cause too much damage.
Do you spot what I spotted the little doll with the 
pale ink bonnett?

Now the other dolls that were in that little plastic tub
were not impressive but I do know that just sometimes
those cheap hard plastic dolls body parts can come in handy
when I have a long forgotten Storybook Doll
that in fact is in need of a new limb!

You ask "how much did I pay for these?"
A whole $2.99.. not a bad find!! 😊

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Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

You always have the best "finds"!