Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Handmade Christmas Treasures

I've been busy like I'm sure most of you 
that work Craft Shows,
have either an Etsy Shop or retail space
Creating Christmas Treasures~

I completed these three Ornaments
using Jello/ tin molds
now I just want to add a bit of
Mica to add a little more
"Christmas Magic"

I have also started selling my 
Custom colored bottle brush trees in my Etsy Shop
Signature PINK

And Vintage white with
actual Vintage large mercury  glass
beads for ornaments~

I just know time is going to fly by
once Thanksgiving arrives
so I better stay on track and
keep busy ...... And it's just about time
to start decorating around here!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Little Bit of Rain

Yes, you read that right
We actually had a light drizzle Thursday night..

(calendula likes sun )

I'm sure you've all heard about California and
the drought... well yes it's not lookin good
Infact in the local paper and in our water bill
theres an offer the Water / City will pay any homeowner
$3 sq. ft. to take out their lawn and convert
the front yard to drought tolerant plants/ landscaping..

And so they say they have had great response..

I guess not only would it free up the time I take
manicuring the front yard, but we could save water..

I just don't think I'm there yet, I do diligence 
in water saving don't let the sprinklers run too 
long to where the water is running down the sidewalk
and into the cutter. I take the hose to any missed spots.
 I just love having a lawn in front and my flower bed
I switch out with annuals each Season..

And then theres those gardens in the places where you
have freezing temps and snow..
Now that's kinda of intriguing no yard work
during the Winter I like the sound of that!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Deck The Craft Table... with lot's of Goodies

Tis the Season.... to get the Studio messy...

Oh yes bringing out all the bits of goodness
to add and embellish and just like magic the table top gets
smaller and smaller leaving very
little work space..
In fact I'll have to take a picture of just that next time!

At some point I've got to make myself stop and just get reorganized
to be honest that gives me an energy boost!
I get all refreshed in my thinking..
and amazing things happen like I can find things again....

These are a few of the Holiday Treasures I've been
working on and adding to my Shop

I guess to some it might seem too early to think
about Christmas Crafting but for me
with my Big Girl Job, 8 grand-peeps
 a Husband and our dog Charlie
Time seems to fly by!

Thanks for stopping by~

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Halloween Swap

I must say it's been a very long
time since I joined in on a Swap!

But this time I was kinda convinced to play
by my daughter Breezy

and in all honesty since the two hostess's
are so dear

I wanted to Play!

"Ghouls & Ghosts & Glamour Girl Swap!"
Design, Create or Purchase
Sparkly Glamourous Halloween Jewelry
or Accessory!

Right up my alley and I about fainted when
I got the name of my Partner..
 Kris Hurst I have always loved her style.
I promise to keep you in the loop when I get
my package I'll be sure to share some pics.

Well I'm off to finish putting my package together!
Big California Hug!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sneaking In Holiday Crafting

Busy in The Studio in the evenings~

Finally the weather has cooled down a bit...
and I can actually enter my "Studio" without dying of the heat!

oh and if for any reason you are looking for my
PREVIOUS POST well I freakin deleted it by accident!

I think it's just a matter of not posting enough
that I've gotten rusty...
It can't have anything to do with the fact
that I had another Birthday...
No.... sharp has a tack!!
Thats me alrighty!!

Wow how time flies...
Some days I still feel like I'm in my 20's imagine that!
and then some mornings when I get out of bed
I kinda get a reality check!

I climbed up into the famous "ATTIC"
and dragged down a tub of Christmas crafting goodies

Oh yeah you heard me "Christmas"

So I'm actually able to complete a few of the 
Holiday Banners I had started..

The sweet PINK one below was an any
Occasion Banner and I've just
mailed that off to it's new home~

If you know me then your used to me sharing some of my 
latest Thrift Shop Treasures..
These 2 pairs of glasses are a recent find...

Clear glass so I can wear them anytime

You know what 
I think I'll hang onto them for a bit
kinda fun!

Have a Great Weekend
Happy Treasure Hunting!