Sunday, March 29, 2015

Angel That Got Her Wings

The story about the  "Little Birthday Angel"

I came across this Musical Angel splendid indeed...
The only problem was at sometime in her life
she took a spill!

But she still looked to have more life in her...
The music worked and she spins around playing
"Happy Birthday To You"

What's an Angel to do with a Broken Wing?

She sat on my Art table while I pondered a fix!

Then the other day when I went to Joann's for the glue sticks
I found these... yes "Angel Wings"

A beautiful pair of Sheer Wings!
The Up-Cycle began... added a mini gold glitter garland
to disguise the break and  upon closer
investigation I noticed a few chips on the flowers
applied a few for-get-me-nots in multi colors

 This sweet Vintage Angel is ready to Find a New Home

So if your anything like me and you spot a
darling figurine that has suffered a bit of damage..
Give it some thought I'm sure with a little love
and a Glue-Gun you too can 
be an Up-cyle Queen!


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Springtime Birthdays

I know I've been all wrapped up with Easter Goodies..

But wait a minute let's not forget all those Spring Birthdays..

Started working on Some Birthday Keepsakes
Today I finished Two Banners and added them to my 
Etsy Shop, I have Saturday off so I hope to get some more
creative time in there...

Every time I think I'm gonna get in my Studio...
Life Calls...

Happy Spring Girlfriends~

Monday, March 16, 2015

Let Spring Begin

I hope it's beginning to look more and more
like Springtime in your neck of the World~

I have been on overload... since starting to work for a
new Real Estate Company it's really put
a damper on my creative Studio time..

In fact I've had this piece sitting on my work table
 just waiting for completion....
It's DONE!!

Using authentic Vintage Peeps and a
vintage plastic buggy to give it 
a Whimsical Appeal

Added to my Etsy Shop and a couple
 other Spring Fling goodies

Don't you just love all the colors of Spring?

Have a Great Week~

Saturday, January 31, 2015

February Crafting

I have had so much going on
and updating my Blog
just went further and further down
to the bottom of my 
"To Do List"
Forgive me girls I'm gonna
promise not to leave you 
hanging like that again!
So let me share a few things that I've been doing!

This sweet Nancy Ann Doll
was really a bit pitiful... her hair was thinning
her dress was just kind of plain
so I gave her a bit of a re-do
adde some hair, gave her a crown
blinged up her dress a bit
And now she is 
"The Queen of Hearts"

And then I worked on some Valentine Paper Posies
and Filled up my Etsy Shop!

I Love working with Pinks & Reds!

I still have a lot more supplies
on my Studio work surface...

So I've got the glue gun plugged in and ready for Action!

Hope your spending your Saturday 
doing what makes you Happy...
Have a Wonderful Weekend whatever you do...

Big Hug & Kisses

Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Christmas 2014

Our Table-Top Noble-Fir

Getting Ready for a Christmas Feast~

A wreath I put together this Year~

A Thrift-Shop Rescue~

Wonderful Packages arrived in the Mail~

Decorations throughout the House~

My Studio Pink Christmas Tree 
Just for Girls~

Our Pixie/ Elf Tree~

Grand-Kid Friendly Christmas Village

Little Pixies peeking out from my China Hutch

Another view of the Holiday Village~

Garland on my Mantle~

Mantle garland

The Grands set-up
the Dollhouse Christmas Tree

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year..