Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vintage Linens Amazing Hand Stitching

Hand-Stitched embroidery is one of the oldest
ways to decorate all types of Textiles

Many pieces were Family Heirlooms before they
became collector items~

When you think about it, the handkerchief is a fascinating object—a delicate response to one of the decidedly indelicate aspects of being human. Throughout history it has been considered both an old-fashioned and unhygienic rag, as well as a precisely embroidered symbol of high social standing.

 A handkerchief, it was thought, could contain the magical powers of the user’s tears, and was considered a physical extension of someone’s spiritual being. 

After centuries of popularity, the handkerchief fell out of favor in the 1930's, when paper manufacturer Kimberly-Clark began marketing its Kleenex-brand tissue as a more sanitary means of nose-wiping. 

I have been wondering what kind of Handi-work
we have today that will be treasured
and kept in safe keeping for generations~

Any Ideas?

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Goodbye June Hello July

Just amazing how fast time is flying by!

I have been hitting a few Estate sales..
finding some small treasures...

I've been working with a darling couple
on a hunt to buy their first home
it's taken up most of my weekends..
The good news I have found them a house they will call Home!

Little bits of Vintage Christmas a
A Box of Vintage Cake Decorations asking $3
but it was close to closing offered them $2

Lot's of Happy Goodies!

And we had a couple June Birthdays!
These two Grands 7 and 5 
Where does the time go?

Now this 4th of July Holiday weekend I've been able
to sneak in some Studio Creative Time~

Bought this darling corner shelf $15 Thrift Store Treasure so a 
whole lot of rearranging is going on in my Studio right now...

Hope you're enjoying your 4th...
Hugs from California,

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Supplies...Bump Chenille, Crepe Paper and glue....

When I get busy and start creating in my Studio..
the supplies are pulled out from every drawer...
every box and then my work table is a mess!

A Creative Mess....
When I finish I try and get everything back in order
so once again my slate is clean...
These are a few of the the things I worked on...

A Happy Birthday Banner...

Birthday Diorama...

Posy Paper Birthday Girl!

Wedding Collage.....

Independence Kitty....

And then I go to my "Big Girl Job"
full of Paper work Contracts and negotiations
It too is Creative but in different ways...

How do you get Creative?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What's Been Happening

Our Daughter  Breezy and I out shopping for
Miss Amelies Pretty Mermaid Birthday Party
this coming Saturday!

Pictures to come my daughter is such the party planner!

The New Mother Doll I bought in a lot on E-bay
making her Debut at the Hatfield Cottage Dollhouse~

I just won the bidding on this Dollhouse Family of 4
Cannot wait until they arrive....

• not my photo

While Hubby was away in Chicago for our Nieces Wedding
I was holding down the fort and business during the day....
and wallpapering the Dollhouse in the Evenings!

I worked on ironing some Vintage Clothing
for my Etsy Shop Myfavoritefinds

Here they hang in the extra room...

I just love how pretty they display...

It's hard to part with some of the Treasures 
I find... but there is always more...

A few of the Miniatures from a Craig's list Ad I answered..

I scored boxes full and 
and have kept a few for my collection...

 Miss Amelie Olivia June 1st 
 turned Seven... where did the time go?

My life is full and I'm so blessed... 
work can be full of ups and downs 

but everything else is just the best...

Oh wait...

the view outside from my back patio tonight!
We had rain today...and in California.. thats a good thing~

Thanks for spending a little time visiting..
I love the company..

Hugs From California,

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Time In The Studio

I must say I really felt kinda lost when I started
working on a Custom Order for my Etsy Shop..

Once I got started I felt more and more comfortable
being back in my Studio Creating!

I've been busy with a couple of clients 
helping them find their First Home

No complaints I welcome the business and one couple
is looking in the Ventura California Area...
This is how it looked yesterday!

Not a Bad Place to work..

Small Beach Cottages with the charm of the 1920's
Vintage Hardware on the Front Doors

This Gingerbread Cottage was on top of a Hill
with killer Ocean Views!

Original Doorknobs throughout one 
1929 Stucco Beach House!

and then once I return to my 
California Ranch style 1970's Home.... in the burbs

I'm thankful for all the changes
hubby and I have made 
(my new dining set getting use to it.. going to have to 
stain my hutch  so they blend better)

When we bought our place mind you the color motif was
 yellow floral wallpaper  & plush green shag carpet!
green tile counter tops
We've been doing all the work ourselves.. 

right down to the door knobs!

And to be honest there is still more to do..
It's funny when your out looking at houses it gives
you a whole different perspective on what needs
to be done to bring you the best price for your home!

The good news we aren't selling!

So we will just keep making the changes
 and keep calling this "Home"

I love my 
"New" Thrift Store find..