Sunday, May 24, 2015

Time In The Studio

I must say I really felt kinda lost when I started
working on a Custom Order for my Etsy Shop..

Once I got started I felt more and more comfortable
being back in my Studio Creating!

I've been busy with a couple of clients 
helping them find their First Home

No complaints I welcome the business and one couple
is looking in the Ventura California Area...
This is how it looked yesterday!

Not a Bad Place to work..

Small Beach Cottages with the charm of the 1920's
Vintage Hardware on the Front Doors

This Gingerbread Cottage was on top of a Hill
with killer Ocean Views!

Original Doorknobs throughout one 
1929 Stucco Beach House!

and then once I return to my 
California Ranch style 1970's Home.... in the burbs

I'm thankful for all the changes
hubby and I have made 
(my new dining set getting use to it.. going to have to 
stain my hutch  so they blend better)

When we bought our place mind you the color motif was
 yellow floral wallpaper  & plush green shag carpet!
green tile counter tops
We've been doing all the work ourselves.. 

right down to the door knobs!

And to be honest there is still more to do..
It's funny when your out looking at houses it gives
you a whole different perspective on what needs
to be done to bring you the best price for your home!

The good news we aren't selling!

So we will just keep making the changes
 and keep calling this "Home"

I love my 
"New" Thrift Store find..

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Saturdayfinds Treasure Hunt

I had things to do Friday and Saturday
early morning that prevented me from
hitting local Estate and Yard Sales early!
You know things...
Work yes my Real Estate job...

So no sales on Friday, I was meeting potential clients
to list their home.. (Thats a very good thing)
When Saturday rolled around I knew where
the sales were but no dice not until around 9:30 10ish
I went to the Post Office and stopped by a local
rummage sale..
and the little Thrift Shop right next door!
and thats where I found the quilt
 I'll share that on another post

So heres some of what I bought this zip loc bag
"The Tea Party"

And here's what was inside.. 
I added a hair ribbon to each little dolly
The've seen better days but I'm sure I'll find
them a new home..

And Saturday night I stayed up a little late
to dress one of the Dollhouse Dolls
I was so tempted to ask one of you talented 
bloggers if I could send her your way
for her new clothes..
What do you think? Does it look ok?
I have not done the 2nd one yet ...
Well heres to a very positive Week..
Wishing you all the best..


Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Little Boy In The Dollhouse

Oh yes a little boy has arrived
to live at Hartfield Cottage....

Meet Fynn all the way from Arizona
but originally from Germany...
He looks a bit mischievous..
put lets hope he's just playful!

Have a Great Day~

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Orphaned Twins from Germany

I have started to find little..
Dollhouse people 
let me introduce you to the latest arrival
meet ...the Kapper Twins

(this photo is from e-bay auction)

These little sweethearts are soft rubber 
each with "Germany" markings on their backs
both darling Vintage treasures... don't you agree?

They arrived today without a stitch of clothing
and in need of some sprucing up

All the girls in the house have been counting down the
days until their arrival...

But first things first  a good soak in the tub
and  I must muster up some clothing for these two...

I'm sure once they settle in 
The Hartfield Cottage will feel 
 just  like home.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Another Dollhouse Came Home with me Today

This is the way it happened...

Monday late afternoon very close to closing
I stopped into my local Salvation ArmyThrift ..
Really I was on my way to Smart and Final..
the Grocery it's right next door.
But first I needed a little Thrift Shop Therapy...
And it was "Everything 25% off"
I found a few things a couple of cups from Pier 1
a beautiful blouse a bathing Suit Cover-up
and there perched  way up high
sat this dollhouse...
I did look at it I must admit but 
I talked myself out of it..
And I left..

Then Monday night every so often I would be 
reminded of that Dollhouse...
I just didn't stop thinking about it!

Tuesday rolls around I wake up still thinking about
the Dollhouse only problem  
I'm committed for 9:00 Up-desk at work
and the Thrift doesn't open until 9:00
So again I convince myself I don't need it!
and I get to the Office 9 to noon!

There was no way I could leave early...
so and hour goes by now its just a few minutes after 10
I decide to call.. girl answers "Salvation Army" she says
And I start out with ... "I was there yesterday close to 
closing and you had a Dollhouse do you still have it?"
Silence.... she returns to the phone "No it's gone"

I'm not sure if it was the way she just kind of was dead silent for awhile
or what ... but I got this strange gut feeling she didn't even look ...
Or for all intent she really had not noticed it being that it was perched so high!

So I called back this time I asked to speak to the manager...

"Hello this is Joe" I heard him say and I began to tell him how
I had been there yesterday and had seen a dollhouse and it was
on top of a china hutch... and did they still have it I asked?
His response was "YES"
"I told him I would get over there" and he said
"I'll put a HOLD on it"

So I got through work and headed straight there...
There it was .... I was once again hesitant to purchase it
You see I've never seen one like this before 
not sure when it was made 
a lady in the Thrift Shop thought
maybe the 60's?

So asking price $35 and today Sr. Discount ...which is  15%
I asked Joe the Manager if he would go any lower..

He responded $25 and then my Sr. Discount
So $21.25 and it would be mine..

I took some pictures posted it on Instagram
and asked "What do you think $35????
I started getting responses all positive
"Go for it" "Great Price great detail"
So with the help of my Instagram buddies..
I bought it!!

Now thats only Dollhouse #2 you see
I't would be #3 but I sold #2 to my neighbor
 and she is thrilled
and Dollhouse #1 Sits in my Living Room
and it's totally Grand-peep friendly

So I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this house?
Or where I'm going to put it!

Any info on the maker of the 
house leave me a comment..

I found it!

The Hartfield Cottage
  • Remarkably Realistic Details
  • Assembles in 15 Minutes or Less
  • Wooden Construction
  • Sturdy and Durable, Seven Rooms on Three Floors
Made in USA
31"w x 15"d x 31"h