Saturday, November 21, 2015

Christmas Crafting 2015

I always say I'm going to start 
my Christmas crafting earlier..

Really I do ....
but let me tell you what held me back this year!

It was the weather yes California has been
so dry and hot this year I just couldn't
bring myself to climb up into the attic!

I keep all my Christmas bins in the attic
right above our garage just the thought of
getting up in there was enough to 
keep me making excuses...

It was then that I again challenged myself
for the first few Holiday Goodies I'm going to
create I'll have to use supplies that I already
have access to in my Studio!

These two Pink Kittens were 
a recent find I gave them each a Ribbon
and Mercury Beads and then offered
them for sale in my Etsy Shop
 Happy to say they have found a NEW home!

All of my Holiday Dioramas have been
sold but I am in the Studio today working on a few more

All sorts of Crafting going on around here!

Added a few Pastel holiday Tags to my Shop,
one of my very first orders got lost in 
the mail that hasn't happened in a long time!

Oh yes and working on these
Whimsical Christmas Kitchy Kittens

 I hope I didn't bore with all these pictures
it's really been a bit of a struggle working Real Estate
and keeping my crafting going
but I love them both!

Hope you are having a Wonderful Weekend~

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Latest Michael's Finds

Wanted to take a few minutes
to share the fun finds from
Michael's Crafts this weekend....

Six Hot Pink Trees for a Bargain price!
$2.99 Happy Deals!

We also spotted these two Busts for
photographing my jewelry
the small pink burlap $2.99 and the little larger
grey burlap $4.99...

My Sister and Mom and a niece were in town this week so we
had loads of fun doing Thrift Shopping too!
Hope you had a Wonderful Labor Day...

Great Family Time...making Memories!


Monday, August 24, 2015

DollHouse Real Estate Hartfield Cottage

This week I put the Hartfield Cottage
up for Sale....

I love it's charm...and with the detail
in each room it was a charm to fill with miniatures..

The problem... is the size of my home... it's really very modest in size
and I already have 1 Dollhouse in my living room
and the 4th bedroom was one we had had a border
renting for sometime...
It was kind of necessary after my Cancer surgery and lack of
Insurance at the time we did what we had to do..

When our last roommate moved out we juggled
our finances and have had the house to ourselves...

And that's where the Hartfield Cottage has been
I have Family coming from Oregon for 
a visit and the extra/ guest room is filled... with Vintage delights

I'm having to make some decisions..
And this piece of Real Estate has been "SOLD"

all the furniture and dollies have been packed away...
Hartfield Cottage has been un-assembled and ready
to ship to Kansas...

Once I re-figure things around here who knows
maybe I'll run across another Dollhouse in my Travels~

Oh and FYI 2 Years Cancer Free!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Little Bits of Inspiration

A week ago when I hit a few Estate Sales
very late in the Day
I had to pick through what was left..

I found a Box of Gift wrap so I looked through
 and found some great Vintage Papers!
Bits of Vintage Cake decorations
and these 3 vintage children's cookie cutters

And at the second sale I found this Box of Heart
Pie-tins and just loved the time worn hot mitt
also bought a Vintage yellow apron just forgot 
to include in my picture~

And I spent some time in my Studio
working on a couple different Custom Orders

"Birthday Posy Pocket"

And a Birthday Bunny Keepsake
for a Special "2" Year Old

I'm gonna try and delegate a little more Studio Time this Weekend~

And in a few weeks my Mom will be coming for a visit
and we have plans for a Birthday Celebration in her Honor!

Don't you just love this artist I found
a darling little Book called
"A Day of Your Own"
Your Birthday by Alice Low
Illustrated by Lisl Weil

This artist has illustrated many more books~
I'll be keeping my eye out for more~

Thanks for stopping by~

Monday, August 3, 2015

Pastel Christmas Bottlebrush Trees

The other day before heading off to work on Sunday
I did a little Holiday Crafting

I'm working on adding the perfect bling to some
Bottlebrush Trees using pastel mercury glass Beads

My only problem is the shortage of light Pink Beads
If you or anyone you know has a strand they want to sell
or trade for something ...

Please let me know just send me a text
or and e-mail

Thanks for visiting~