Monday, April 14, 2014

A Whole lot of Vintage Dollhouse Furniture

Happy Happy....
The Dollhouse will soon be furnished ..

Oh yes.. look at what came in the mail on Friday

All different pieces of Vintage Dollhouse Furniture
I had so much fun unpacking the box and 
giggled with delight!

Most of it is Vintage 1950's Mid Century
Strombecker Wooden Furniture

Today I took a little bit of Old English
and it worked wonders on the wee
Walnut pieces

The Box was pretty much filled with 
Strombecker with just a few more
contemporary pieces.

Cannot wait to get the inside walls
painted and some wallpaper up!
I'll keep you posted~

Have a Great Week~

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Saturdays Local Estate Sale Finds

Just wanted to share some of the Vintage Goodies
I bought at last Weeks Local Estate Sale~

Once I photograph them I will be slowly 
adding them to my Shops

WOW... it's kinda hard to imagine that no one
in the Family wanted to keep this..

Wilma and Fredricks Wedding Cake Topper
and her veil and a nut cup 
under glass... this bit of History is priceless

Along with a hand written note~

Lovely Southern Belle Figurine / planter
made by Lefton...

These two little bisque dollies...

Oh yes a charming wooden high chair
for my dolly the Grand peeps play with~
Just the perfect size~

And yet another bit of sweetness under glass....
She is so dang cute!!

The Victorian Pincushion and the ceramic
miniature water pitcher were also
form the same Estate...

But the sweet little lamb was
found at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop

I must say I had a very good week
of Treasure Hunting....
Keeping in mind there is always more to be found

It's April Fools Day Today..
any tricks up your sleeves?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Day of Spring

Looking a little bit more
like Spring...

I don't know about you but I'm sure
in the mood for Spring...
Looking forward to all the flowers in bloom

Last weekend when I went out to our local
Garage Sales I found Vintage Christmas..
Can you imagine... but I had to snag them

This year I really haven't found much Vintage
Easter Goodies at our local shops and sales...

But it's just as well I really need
to use all the stuff I already have...

Otherwise it's going to start looking
like a hoarders Studio...

I plan on starting to decorate a bit around 
the House this weekend
It's so much fun to see the Grands reaction
to all the Decorations..
And I always set aside some goodies
That they can play and decorate with too...

Happy Spring dear friends~

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fridays Thrift Store Finds

Look what I scored at the Salvation Army
Thrift Store!

Penny Brite Beauty Salon...
of course it's not complete, missing the retro hair dryer

This one below was sold on E-bay 
and it's more complete

 Then in another Bag was these parts to
Penny Brite's Kitchen Set
So retro and so cute!

And here is how it would be if it had been complete

Regardless I was pretty happy to have found 
what I did and who knows maybe more will
turn up one day...

And now onto what's Cookin

A couple of days early but I just could
not wait! Once the local markets 
advertised Corn Beef and cabbage
at a price you can't refuse...

Well we just had to have some! 
And it was delicious~

I hope to find more treasures
On Saturday... promise to show & tell

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Love for Bump Chenille

Not a whole lot of things going on here...
I'm still working in the Studio in my spare time..
Busy bending and shaping yards of colorful Bump Chenille

Into whimsical Creations like this...

Have a Wonderful week dear friends and remember....

Big Hug to You!