Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Catching up with my Blog friends~

If you've been following me then you know
I live in Southern California
and even though the Calendar says it's Fall...

With the temps hitting tripe digits it's almost
impossible to do any Fall planting or decorating outside
And I really want to get a jump on my Holiday Creating
this year in spite of the crazy heat..

I start by pulling out all the traditional Holiday
craft goodies...

And some of my recent Thrift Store Finds
like this sweet vintage angel bell she was almost perfect
except for a chip on one of her wings..

So I gave her a "New" set of wings!

I found this sleigh it too was not perfect
but once I embellish it it's gonna be perfect!
I still have a pit more tweaking and I need to fill it!

Oh and can you imagine I walked into my local
Salvation Army Thrift 
and there he was good old 
Vintage Santa with a price tag of $3.99

The gumballl machine he's leaning on was also
a Thrift Store find and I have plans of making it
a Christmas Snow Globe!

Now these two I just have been putting the finishing touches on today
Kitschy Kittens Trimming their Tree..

I do have my Halloween stuff out and I'm starting to decorate
I'll share some of that with you in my next post

Thanks for stopping by...

Friday, August 19, 2016

Keepsake Banners In My Shop

Has we head into mid August the nights are starting to cool down..

Which means I have way more energy to work in my Studio
Now I just have to find more time.. I have so many ideas and
projects had done...

I guess the crafting time takes a backseat
especially when my Real Estate Business is busy..
I must say I feel torn at times but I just
don't have enough time in the day..

I have been fortunate to be working in a Beautiful 55+
Gated Mobile Home Community listing and Selling Homes
take a peek of a few of my recent sales..

This home has outstanding mountain views!
And a upgraded Kitchen..

Isn't the Community Pool to die for?

My Brand "New Listing"
I'll be Holding an Open House this Sunday
Imagine real hardwood floors and a traditional 
wood-burning fireplace!
It's crazy what can be done in a mobile Home..
There are some mobile Homes in Malibu that in the 80's
sold for $60,000 now they go for a$1,000,000
A real nice way to simplify your life and size down~

Hope you enjoy your Weekend

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer Is Winding Down

I've really neglected my Blog
and to be honest it's not because I have 
been playing all Summer..
It's been work thats kept me from blogging..

But when I get a little down time mostly in the evenings 
You can find me in my Home Studio..
Getting my creative juice flowing..

My friend was holding an Estate sale right in
the Mobile Home Park I sell homes in
and I bought a stack of Vintage magazines
Thats where this Doll Ad came from..

I'm always running out of Vintage Birthday Seals for my projects
so I decided to scan some of my favorites
and print them out on heavy card stock
add a bit of glitter
and now I've got no excuse not to get busy!

I'm working on this little Kitschy Kitten
I hope to have her completed this weekend..

Oh yes remember that Estate Sale where I bought the magazines?
Well thats where I found this lovely pair~

I hope you're having a good Summer and if you've got children
at home I know back to school is fast approaching
Remember to take some special time to reflect on the
things that make you Happy...
All work and no play makes a dull girl...

Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Is Here!

Summer Is Here and yes we have been experiencing
a lot of very warm weather..
It's difficult to get inspired to work in the Studio
when it's so darn warm!

So I usually make a visit or two to my local
Thrift stores...
and that's where I found 
this adorable "Happy Birthday Cake"

I've been collecting Vintage Childrens Books all with 
the same color scheme going on
But I was kinda shocked when I went into
Cost Plus and there was a rack full
of re-make Golden Books!
Next time I'm there i'll snap a picture!

I worked on only a couple 4th of July Goodies
with my job yes I don't survive on my crafting 
or antiquing.... I've got that "Big Girl" job

I'm a Real Estate Agent!
And I've been very busy and I am so grateful..
But it translates into "Open Houses"
every weekend!

Haven't had a Vacation yet but hubby and I were guest
VIP's to a fun Wine & Food  Festival
Once I get a few of the houses I have on the market sold
then I need some beach time!

Hope your all enjoying your Summer!
And finding great Vintage Treasures!

Have a Very Fun 4th of July!

Friday, April 8, 2016

It's a Birthday Party!

Kitschy Birthday Kittens

Well now that we've all put away our Easter Goodies..
I've decided to start working on some
Special Birthday Dioramas

I found these wonderful Large Birthday Cake Seals
and thats what started my inspiration....

And then I rummaged through all my jars and boxes
of trinkets in the Studio looking for
 all the pretty Pink Birthday bits and bobs...

But after finishing the first two.. I thought
lets add a splash of color ...
This little Grey Kitschy Kitten looks darling
in her Pink & Teal Crepe dress...
And they are all 3 Ready to Party!
I'm hoping to steal a little creative time this weekend
I'll keep you posted
Hope you all have a Wonderful Weekend!