Friday, February 9, 2018

Changing Things Up at Our House

Hubby and I have been working on various projects
around the house...

This particular one was all about adding more surface space
something that our little California Cottage Kitchen lacks!

Hubby just finished making this new Larger Butcher Block
with an overhang on one side to add a couple stools
found a yummy butcher block top at Lowes 

After a few tweaks to customize it for our Kitchen space...

I posted our older one that he also had made a few years back
on local Buy and Sell site on Facebook
and it found a new home...

We are very happy with the new one 
It has a spice drawer on one side just like our older one had!

(Older one)

(New one)

By the way thought I would share a close-up of the faux
cotton I picked up... they are in a vintage Yogurt Bottle~
I think they look real but without the mess!
... and all the stems are wrapped wire so easy to manipulate!

Since the butcher block was completed it set us out on a hunt for barstools..
I'll tell you that was a challenge we needed them to be somewhat lightweight..
and not to bulky... since the dining room is right next to it...
We spotted these stools at Home Goods lightweight sturdy and unique!

We found 2 at one Home Goods and picked up a 3rd at another Home Goods

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of what we've been doing on our
off days...


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Valentine Crafting this Weekend

Sneaking in a little time in my Studio
this weekend~

Christmas came and went so quickly
that I was not able to do any Crafting 
for the Holidays...

Work kept me so busy.. no time in the Studio
but Valentines Day is slowly approaching
and when I packed up my Christmas tubs
I brought down my Valentine Tub determine to
do some Valentine Goodies for my Etsy Shop!

So this weekend thats exactly what I did...
Hope your enjoying your 3 day weekend!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

After Christmas Purge

Not Sure How you're all feeling..
But I can tell you how I've been feeling..
A bit overwhelmed
Yes After the Holidays its just kinda tough
to get back into reality

December went by so quickly this year with the warm
temperatures and fires in California we opted to purchase
our first artificial tree...

The days were just moving along I barely had time
to do much Holiday decorating....

Hubby and I had to make our Traditional Peanut Brittle
we like to send it to our parents now it's a MUST!

Got the Grand kids gifts wrapped and Shipped
in plenty of time....

Put out a little more Holiday decorations..
But I didn't get any extra time to make 
goodies for my Etsy Shop.. that was a bummer
but I was feeling very blessed to be busy at work....

And before you know it the Holidays came and Went!

And now I've packed up Christmas and I'm going through
cupboards and drawers and even the attic
starting to sell off some of my stuff 
I'm really feeling the need to have less..
So far I'm on a roll I'll keep you posted on my progress..

Happy New Year!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Tammy Doll the other Barbie of the 60's

When I was a little girl I did have a couple Barbie Dolls
and a couple Ken Dolls, but I also had a Tammy Doll..

Of course Barbie was so supper thin and a 10+ figure
kinda made the Tammy Doll seem a bit over weight...

Strange how society and toys came into play..
Of course now looking at her she was just an average
teenage girl...

I believe I sold my original way back and I kinda missed
her.. so I went on a hunt to find a Tammy Doll
just like the one I had as a young girl.

Overtime I spotted one for a good price I bought it
and then another until I ended up with 5 
Funny not a one in this picture is dressed in an 
authentic Tammy outfit they are all home-made
Gotta love Tammy's flirty look
Do you have a Tammy Doll?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Love of Dollhouses and Miniatures

I've always had a love for miniatures
and Dollhouses..

I think it might have started when I was young
and visited the Display at Knotts Berry Farm
"Motts Miniatures" 

I had a dollhouse years back and then I sold it..
well the delight of miniatures has again
entered into my life..

I found this
sweet doll under glass at a local Estate
(it's a start)

Isn't she a beauty?

Then I found a dollhouse at our local Salvation Army,
and then another... and then one on Craigslist
sold 2 and I've kept 1!

All 3 Houses were bare no furniture so that started the hunt!

I found all of this from one seller on Etsy!
Came delivered in a big box..
Oh Joy Happy Mail indeed!

The fun was beginning...

I would set-up little displays in the Dollhouse
and capture it with a photo!

One day I answered an Ad on Craigslist 
"Boxes of Miniatures" I made a phone call
took a run out to the home and thats where

I hit the "Jackpot"
Yes 8 Boxes filled with Miniature goodness!!

Boxes of small treasures..
So much in fact I've been selling some in my Easy Shop~

Darling porcelain dishes...

And these charmers "Who Let The Dogs Out"

I needed more people for all this miniature goodness..

And I found this little Vintage German Boy Doll on E-bay

These china dolls came in those boxes
they are cute but not my style so I kept hunting

I got these two nude vintage dolls..

I touched up the painted shoes
and dressed one...

And then I ran across this Mother, Father and
little girl and Baby..
Don't they look like the family is complete?

And now I've got to get the Dollhouse in some kind of
order.. originally had it grand-peep friendly..
but the kids are not playing with it much.. so time to
fix it up a bit I'll keep you posted!

Happy Summer!