Sunday, December 7, 2014

First Week In December

I've only a bit of Christmas Bling
going on at my house all In my Studio so far!

Been busy photographing and selling
Vintage Christmas....
Listing goodies In my Etsy Shop and E-bay!

We had an Early Saturday Morning 
Breakfast with Santa with two of our Grands~

And a Crazy over the Top Decorated House
That was Open to the Public Inside and Out!
My daughter and I visited last night!

This very large Live tree..
The pine smell was incredible 

Oh and a beautiful Display at a local Church
Included a live manger scene!

What a crazy first week of December
and how about you?


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pastel Christmas Decorations

Soft Pastel Colors for Christmas

I love the Traditional Colors for Christmas decorating
but I also love the soft pastels..
So that being said I have been creating things this
year both ways...

Todays post I'm sharing a little bit of my Pastel goodies!

You see I've got my PINK tree happening in my Studio
"Girl Power"
(i've just started decorating it so looks a little bare)

Have a Great Weekend
I have much to be Thankful For...


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Secret to my Handcrafted Snow Globes

Oh yes I have a little secret...
I've been working on some mini Snow Globes...

I happen to have found a bag of glass salt shakers
 at my local Thrift a few months back.

And I've got plenty of mini Bottlebrush Trees 
So then all thats left is some "SNOW"

It's all about the Snow!
What's a snow globe without snow!

Instead of using up all my MIca to fill
my Globes I used Epsom Salt
and it works and looks wonderful!
Believe me it sparkles just like snow!

And another good thing is I can purchase
a bag of salt at my local 99cents store!

So once I get a few more made and in my Etsy Shop
I plan on making more for gifts.

Always looking for a unique and inexpensive
handcrafted idea for Christmas Gifts
and this is gonna work for me!

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving~

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Handmade Christmas Treasures

I've been busy like I'm sure most of you 
that work Craft Shows,
have either an Etsy Shop or retail space
Creating Christmas Treasures~

I completed these three Ornaments
using Jello/ tin molds
now I just want to add a bit of
Mica to add a little more
"Christmas Magic"

I have also started selling my 
Custom colored bottle brush trees in my Etsy Shop
Signature PINK

And Vintage white with
actual Vintage large mercury  glass
beads for ornaments~

I just know time is going to fly by
once Thanksgiving arrives
so I better stay on track and
keep busy ...... And it's just about time
to start decorating around here!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Little Bit of Rain

Yes, you read that right
We actually had a light drizzle Thursday night..

(calendula likes sun )

I'm sure you've all heard about California and
the drought... well yes it's not lookin good
Infact in the local paper and in our water bill
theres an offer the Water / City will pay any homeowner
$3 sq. ft. to take out their lawn and convert
the front yard to drought tolerant plants/ landscaping..

And so they say they have had great response..

I guess not only would it free up the time I take
manicuring the front yard, but we could save water..

I just don't think I'm there yet, I do diligence 
in water saving don't let the sprinklers run too 
long to where the water is running down the sidewalk
and into the cutter. I take the hose to any missed spots.
 I just love having a lawn in front and my flower bed
I switch out with annuals each Season..

And then theres those gardens in the places where you
have freezing temps and snow..
Now that's kinda of intriguing no yard work
during the Winter I like the sound of that!